Cheburator attacks

"Ahh! Yesterday washed toy (Cheburashka, who sings a song, I f press egoynuyu paw - paw inside mechanism with battery, apparently). Today Cheburashka dried up and gone crazy. Sing song itself, without of pressing. Every 3 minutes. What to do to it, sorry, I shut up? Tucked away in a cupboard, I filled up things still hear the singing. (There's nothing you can not unscrew or open, as far as I can see. All sewn inside. »

Question received comments and standing too. Here are some of them:
- I once so on a clothesline from the 9th floor singing hare day. And I still indignant, who listens to the music stupid ... Then it all sat down and the battery
- My eldest earlier this Cheburashka hid under the covers on a chair. Dad came at night, quietly making his way across the room and plop into a chair ... and from there to the whole apartment, "I was once a strange toy nameless ..»))))
- New Year's nephew gave a toy - two rozovaneih pig kept in the mouth ends of the thread. If you stretch the string, then a spring inside nachinaeteё reel, pigs crawling each other, squealing with the duo: "Oink-oink! I love you! Oink oink! I love you! "- And, faced Piglet, make loud smacking. That this toy on January 3 without any washing the beginning of the night itself continually confess your love loud kiss. Or spill anything on it
- I was lying on the refrigerator toy gremlin. I feared her child to give, because the toy idiot laughing at the most unexpected moment, and pampers the road now, and adults - even more so. A few days ago, she fell to the fighting cats and whinnied like hell. Since cats move short dashes from the bowl to the pot and back to sleep alarm hiding behind the battery.
- I do night after washing plush baby doll began to shout, "Mom! Mama! I want to eat! "And laugh hellish laugh. And to wash it was believed that he had for a year as the batteries run down. I awake not think of anything better than to throw it out the window from the fifth floor. On the morning of remorse - he was dear to me as the memory - went to pick up, but he was not there.
- We have a pink plastic hippopotamus. buttons, clicking on that behemoth spews songs. I'll take it with you to the massage to distract the baby. shalt zapodlyansky Hippo goes for a massage in the bag.
Oil picture: seven-thirty in the morning. half-empty tram. aunt with a baby in a sling. to the aunt, in addition to the baby, hanging bag. out of the bag at the slightest movement is heard zazyvno song hippo. there stsukoknopki react to the slightest pressure - does not disable% (
- Gave Mashuk mug. At the slightest inclination that produces the sound of the helicopter taking off. Very nice it was when on the road policeman asked to open the trunk, bag, which lay vessel, stir ...
- Do not stand it. Here's my two cents: About the screaming pot not talking. Vseё family waited for him kick the bucket batteries. And they presented to us as a plastic cock. It photocell (or whatever it's called). In general, when touched or walk past him, he nachinate crowing at the apartment. Watchdog a rooster. So I forgot about it in the evening and went to lay a child. Stacked, I sneak out of the room PAST cock and he as zaoret "KU-KA-PE KUUUU! )))))
- Once we have grandmothers slept in a rollaway bed. All are asleep, the silence, the husband begins to me to whisper something tender ... kaboom! The bed folds up and falls out of her voice is heard, "Hi, I'm Eli Denis, your new friend, play with me! Hi… ". Child hellish kangaroos on the floor forgotten.
- And there are still silent scary toys. Once we bought my daughter a balloon in the form of a hefty parrot. First, he quietly hung from the ceiling, and when helium is evaporated by half, the parrot began to fly around the apartment at the height of human growth. Moreover, it flew very chaotic. One morning fry eggs, absolute silence in the apartment, and suddenly my shoulder in the pan someone looks. Later he complained to his son, and he says: "And imagine my feelings when I awake I open my eyes, and in the doorway hangs THIS ..."
- I play in Resident Evil 4 - outside dead of night, quietly around in the game zombies slowly closing in on me ... And from his chair cheerful voice - "Bye bye !!!". "Talking Cube" has decided that no one to play with him will be gone. I then tried his nervous laugh small and wife in the next room did not wake up ...
- Well, I will tell two stories, too, though not about the soft toys. we had pianinko baby, which played a mournful tune on the history of that type ... "and my marmot with me ... & quot ;. Zadran was all removed in the closet, where once and sverzilos on the floor. After the fall of it opened up previously hidden talents - has played some rollicking fun tune.
The second story - the new year gave a walking godovastiku Santa Claus. It was in the mid-90s and grandfathers were such a rarity. My grandfather moved hesitantly moving his feet and raised his hand to the shoulder with a bell. All this, of course, accompanied by Christmas songs such as Jingle bells (or as it is there). Well, what can godovas do with the toy? Clearly the case tried to undress and took away the bell. My grandfather was undressed and immediately stopped going - lying on his side, frantically tugging at his feet and shook his hand in the area of ​​the genitals. Paralytic-masturbator. Adults all died.
There was a plush bunny ... sang "What I snow that I heat, I dzhdik heavy when my friends with me." Wash in machine-gun ... Apparently, stiralka - it does not snow, not rain ... or friends were not there. In short, upbeat songs to sing ... he stopped three hours later began to publish strange "blyuyuschih" sound like "Beeeee." Hang it on the balcony ... There he and "vomit" a couple of days ...
Puke ... Now when you press the paw simply asks: "What?". And silent ... and he looks at me thoughtful sad eyes ...
I laundered baboon whinnying disgusting and that is especially valuable - periodically and unexpectedly. The husband in the night (in the apartment is dark, silent) comes into the kitchen and the bathroom heartfelt laughter baboon. Hardly a widow did not stay ... thrown nafig.

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