The Case of the comments

The court directed the first Russian deal for comment in the "Live Journal»

The court directed the criminal case of the Republic of Komi blogger Savva Terentyev. He is charged under the article "inciting hatred or enmity" for a comment left in the "Live Journal", RIA Novosti reported with reference to the head of Syktyvkar interdistrict investigation department of the Investigative Committee at the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation in the Komi Maxim Kosnyreva.

Terentyev formal charges were brought against 22 February 2008. Blogger lawyers were denied dismiss the criminal case.

Case Terentyev is the first precedent in the Russian criminal prosecution for comment in the "Live Journal". According to the case file, the accused February 15, 2007 in the blog of a local journalist Boris Suranova unflattering comments about police officers. In particular, he called them stupid people and urged them to burn in the town square.

As previously reported, it held a linguistic examination has established that the text written Terentiev, "aimed at inciting hatred and enmity, as well as the humiliation of a group of persons belonging to a social group, committed publicly, using the media».

In the case of wine Terentyev is proven by this article could face penalties ranging from a large fine to imprisonment for up to two years.

Himself a blogger believes that its "condemn and give a suspended sentence." He added that he would "challenge any decision of the court", the radio station "Echo of Moscow". Terentyev not guilty and believes that the claims against him have any "due to some personal reasons."

Look into the past in 2007.

In Syktyvkar court fascinating process starts over Savva Terentyev

March 6 Syktyvkar prosecutors handed the court a criminal case against the musician and blogger Savva Terentyev. Syktyvkar federal court to be an interesting job: to establish, first, whether the "cops wrong" social group, and secondly, whether regarded as punishable incitement to violence traditional Russian-language blogosphere trails "burn in hell", "this sucks" and "in gazenvagen».

February 14, 2007 Boris Suranov, a journalist of the newspaper "Zyryanskaya life," posted a link on his blog to write another LJ user seizure by police of hard drives in the newspaper "Iskra" (the city of Inta, Komi Republic). In most "Zyryanskaya life 'relationships with local law enforcement is also quite tense.

The next day, Savva Terentyev commented on the post Suranova. Himself comment was later removed, but save a screenshot. The general sense was as follows: law enforcement ("cops wrong") - people of limited intelligence and questionable moral character, which blogger wish a painful death.

After a few days on this comment came detective department "K" the Interior Ministry in the Republic of Komi, Senior Lieutenant Nikolai Sichkar. He became interested in the personality of the commentator and produced complex manipulations (quoted by his explanations investigator): "On the page with inspectable Desirable text was produced by following a link to the page with personal information about users" terentyev ". On the specified page with information about the user as the location specified - Syktyvkar Russian Federation, as a link to a site resource During the inspection of the specified Internet resources at the bottom of the home page was found information from cell phone numbers and names written through a fraction of them. According to telephone numbers was requested operator, the results of which revealed that the owner of the alias is c. Terentyev SS further check on the address bureau found that c. Savva Terentyev does exist "(spelling and punctuation of the original - from the song words can not erase. AV).

So you can imagine what would happen if LJ, interested Sichkar investigator was called not terentyev, and, say, petrosyan, and userinfo as specified site!1

Anyway, after a short time, the prosecutor's office opened a criminal case under part 1 of Article 282 of the Criminal Code (actions aimed at inciting hatred or enmity, as well as the humiliation of a person or group of persons on grounds of sex, race, nationality, language, origin, attitude towards religion, and likewise affiliation to any social group, committed publicly or through the media). In August 2007, Terentyev was involved as a defendant in the case, and in February he was finally formally charged.

If it is true that laughter prolongs life, many runetchiki, to familiarize with the case materials, electronic copies of which are published Boris Suranov should live to be a hundred years each. That there is at least a passage: "Terentyev SS located at [...], having owned a computer [...] equipped with a modem and having skills to work on it through a landline phone number [...] connected to the Internet. " Generally, this decision should be read entirely - this is a real poem.

But laughter laughter, and a fine or even a prison sentence Terentyev faces quite seriously. The Russian blogosphere on this occasion a storm of indignation. According to the public network (almost solidarity), look extremely convincing evidence that the comment was left Terentyev. For LJ user terentyev - it is, after all, a certain number of megabytes of information stored on the server LiveJournal, located in the United States. These megabytes may be associated with the IP-address of a specific computer, but a living person Savva Terentyev Sergeyevich IP-address is not present.

In addition, bloggers generally do not tend to believe the conclusions of the examination of the socio-humanitarian that "on the basis of the professional staff of the police are a social group, or more precisely the socio-professional group." "I belong to a social group 'idiots'' - quipped about this Maxim Kononenko, whose blog is called" Idiot ».

However, it is clear that most disturbs bloggers. So far, despite the efforts of the former State Duma deputy Viktor Alksnis, and Senator Vladimir Slutsker, the blogosphere was more or less self-regulating structure. Of course, the case and that the disputed suspendy (delete blogging service administration for violation of the rules), but carried out by men who, at least in the sense of "the Internet" and do not wear uniforms and epaulettes. Rudeness, rude, politically incorrect - it is distinctive, you can say, branded features of the Russian blogosphere, for which it and love and hate. Bloggers routinely recommend one another to commit suicide by poisoning or hitting the wall, willing to go to hell, or in the gas chamber.

And that's not to mention the fact that with the help of the search "Yandex" on blogs, with a computer and the skills to work with him, seconds at 10 you can find a great number of records that excite hatred far more extensive social groups than the "law enforcement officials" . That's interesting, in the phrase "Kill all humans!" (Quote from the popular animated series "Futurama"), "all the people" - a social group?

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