What color is envy?

It is black, and sometimes someone says that there is also white, but no matter what color or stained with this feeling, it will always have a destructive force, slowly erode your self-esteem, self-esteem and a negative impact on relationships with others.

It feels like jealousy, belongs only to human beings. Just think, no one cock is not to compare yourself with an eagle or a peacock and suffer from insomnia, forgetting all about their chickens. And what happens to us?

Even we are not always able to admit to myself that envy. Envy not only colleagues, but also their loved ones: friends, brothers, sisters. Behind the fence neighbor, as you know, is always greener grass. It is necessary to get someone from acquaintances certain heights, as immediately start to feel uncomfortable with him. No, "we do not envy" when, after learning about the success of someone, say, "Big deal ... so what! The same to me ... Yes, I do this for free and it is not necessary ยป.

Many people who are not able to because of envy genuinely enjoy other people's success, quips that make all that could only be gotten. And now, seeing how each got a luxury car, expensive suits, you begin to envy him, and when it all the nerves start a business, lost money and went ahead again, you were quite envious, looking at him.

Why now miss this period in the life of his friend, you are jealous only results that he put so much effort? What prevents you from doing the same, go to the same sacrifices for a better life?

There are people who are very sensitive to the success of their relatives and friends. And as the saying goes, we all come from childhood. If childhood child constantly pointed to the fact that he is worse than Sasha, who received a "five" and runs faster and generally throughout the fellow, then as an adult, a man and will compare yourself to someone else and will always feel che- is superior to a.

Do not let the same mistakes with your children, compare achievements only with their own. For example, say that in the last quarter of learn to get better than this, so you should try and pull some items.

In any case, can be found in all positive aspects. If you're doing things you love, then no envy will not spoil your blood, because contented life people do not notice inferiority of his life.

You - not the boss? Well, after all, to have less demand and more time remains to privacy. Simply move the accents. Try anything good happens in your life, viewed through a magnifying glass, but some troubles through diminutive.

If the object of envy of others are acting you, then think about it in the first place, maybe your behavior really demeans the dignity of a few other people. Exercise restraint, not show off. In the end, the fate capricious lady, she could easily turn away from you. It is not necessary to talk about their plans, that has not happened yet, it is so you waste of energy, which can help to implement planned.

Try to communicate less with those who openly jealous of you, in whose presence you feel uncomfortable. From what you try to please them, they are unlikely to treat you better. Arriving home, wash with cool water, it will carry with them negative information that you "reward" envious.

Learn how whatever it is difficult to be happy for other people to look at the positive aspects of their lives because they certainly have, and in considerable quantity, they only need to look at.


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