NaVOLYali "glamorous bastard"

Pasha Volya brutally beaten in one of the capital clubs

One of the most crazy resident "Comedy Club" has received numerous facial injuries during a fight in the bathroom of one of the most fashionable clubs in the city.

The fact that the company "Gopnik" to drink alcohol in the neighborhood with a table of Will and his friends did not like the news that the resident began to sing a song in the style of rap and even plans to release an album.

After the verbal skirmishes detractors decided to watch for humorist.

As found «Z», when the Pasha went to the toilet alone, one of the drunken visitors abruptly opened the door and pushed the resident in the corner and began to put his pinpoint strikes on the face, saying:

- Look! That's where this freak! Come here! What, decided to become a rapper? Cool, huh? Grandmas decided to nail down their songs?


Just after a few strokes Pasha was not found. Bullies are so badly beaten and mutilated the face of the actor, that it does not remain any neokrovavlennogo place.

I will not even resisted. It is only weakly waved his arms in order to defend themselves, while he was beaten. The abuser calmed down only when Pasha was covered in blood, and then finally gave up: "Think while on his second album!" - And slammed the door.

After such a shock Will spat blood for a long time before he could get up on his hands and return to friends who immediately took him out of the club.


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