In Yekaterinburg, arrested torgovtsets poppy (7 photos)

Another small plot of Fund "City Without Drugs».
Such stories are many, but in this case I really terrified insolence huckster.
I quote:

The owner of containers - Nazarov Arif Hasan oglu - a lost donkey. When seized several bags of poppy, urine hit him in the head.
He began to call names insulting words, calling Russian pigs, and polyglot fucking, it belched in German - "rusish Schwein!" And in the face of good faith translated.
Uy, bastard !!! Then all the fire and promised big trouble bargain. Then I lost all shore - spat in the certificate and a police officer pulled his cap over his nose! Imagine how confident it is necessary to feel ?!
I think that this was an occasion to apply the service weapon and shoot the bastard on the spot. Or to shoot. But the officer turned nerves of steel. And no special forces. Scum twisted fins and dragged away. However, he still continued to threaten!
In addition, the container found a stack of passports drug left in pledge, in each lay a piece of paper, but who should be. Amounts serious. In such passports open company, take out loans and make purchases on credit. But this is a separate issue.


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