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What unites Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana and Coco Chanel? All of them had extraordinary charm and sense of style and literally any outfit look the same excellent and graceful. Let's see what other women have become icons of style and fashion of all time.

Marlene Dietrich
December 27, 1901 - May 6, 1992
One of the most glamorous movie stars of all time. Dietrich looked the same as the luxurious fur coats and jewels and wearing tuxedos. It paved the way for "androgynous" style of dress, wearing a tuxedo in the film "Morocco" in 1930. When tuxedos are not only accepted, but also recognized the elegant and sexy in 1966, it inspired the designer Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo create sophisticated with exquisite feminine lines. (Getty Images)

Grace Kelly
November 12, 1929 - September 14, 1982
A similar story of an actress who became a princess, you can find only in a movie (or tales). This Hollywood actress was known for classic beauty and her royal style. Air blue dress, in which she appeared in the film "To Catch a Thief," was probably one of the most memorable moments, and her lace wedding dress in which she went to Prince Rainier of Monaco III, became her most memorable outfit out of the screen. (AP)

Diana the princess is
July 1, 1961 - August 31, 1997
As one of the most photographed women of her time, Princess Diana knew how to delight the audience with his taste and style. One of her most memorable images has become a vintage lace wedding dress, created by David and Elizabeth Emanuel. She was there at the event, from which officially began its life in the royal family, and has submitted it to the world as a princess and an international style icon. (Jacqueline Arzt / AP)

Marilyn Monroe
June 1, 1926 - August 5 1962
Even 50 years after Monroe's death is still the most recognizable icon of style. The attraction is the actress in her appetizing forms, golden curls and love for all glamorous. Pink dress without straps and gloves that were on it in the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and white dress in the crease, which is "shot up" up during the filming of "The Seven Year Itch" in 1954, all deposited in the memory of moviegoers. Modern stars do not get tired to copy these images over and over again. It is unlikely that a girl can appear in public with golden curls, red lips and sexy dress to avoid being compared to Marilyn Monroe. (Matty Zimmerman / AP)

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
July 28, 1929 - May 19, 1994
Her legacy, manners, and marriage with the beloved president of the United States have intensified public sympathy for this woman. She is best known for his impeccable suits, mainly pastel colors and small cap. She preferred to certain clothing designers such as Oleg Cassini, Coco Chanel and Hubert de Givenchy. All their clothes immediately became popular, it was necessary to put them on Jacqueline. Jacqueline always dressed "on occasion" - the presidential press conference or when walking through the streets of the Italian island of Capri. Big sunglasses, which often emphasizes its images, even nicknamed points "Jackie O" and they still remain a very popular women's accessories. (AP)

Katharine Hepburn
May 12, 1907 - June 29 2003
Katharine Hepburn was a real rebel in terms of fashion: it is easy to change the skirt to jeans and khaki pants at a time when women wore only skirts and dresses. These "adroginnye" outfits can be attributed to its strong, slightly angular, almost masculine style. Katherine so much liked to wear underestimated, but chic blouses buttoned and trousers with a high waist that repeatedly quarreled with Hollywood producers, who were against. "Every time I hear a man say that he preferred women in a skirt, I say," Try to wear a skirt. '" (Getty Images)

Kate Moss
January 16, 1974
Kate Moss can be called brilliant muse for contemporary designers, stylists, photographers and virtually anyone who is interested in fashion. The woman turned to the status of the model status-style. Appearing on the fashion scene in the early 90s with his famous "heroin-chic" fashion, Moss has always created his inspirational image using glamorous approach to clothes and haughty posture. It is itself a style, it has access to the best clothes in the world, but she dresses easily. (Jennifer Graylock / AP)

August 16, 1958
Although it can not be called a classic style, it can easily be called revolutionary, break boundaries and advanced. Much of Madonna's charm lies precisely in the fact that she so often changes its image. The most memorable epoch style images of the Madonna were her 80s. Her lace ribbon in her hair, creased trousers, high shoes and a lot of bangles on her hands - all this affects the modern women today. Madonna dared to wear a cone bra and leopard body, but look stylish and sexy. (Getty Images)

Audrey Hepburn
May 4, 1929 - January 20, 1993
One of the best examples of femininity and style. Almost all kinoobraz Hepburn became the main fashion trends of the time. From the little black dress and stunning "cat" sunglasses from the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" to round skirts and simple blouses buttoned from the film "Roman Holiday" - Hepburn all her clothes to add your classic and feminine approach. Her short bangs and a ponytail did any way unique. She remained faithful to Hubert de Givenchy, the designer and dress her up on the screen and in real life. (Getty Images)

Brigitte Bardot
September 28, 1934
Bardot style often called 'sex kitten' 50s, "but she is particularly remembered for his blond curls, thick bangs, feline makeup and pale pink lips, which she loved to draw. French actress also popularized the bikini, it appeared in the film, and then on the beach in Cannes in 1953. Her love for "flirting fashion" even spawned a "cut-out style Bardot" - an open-necked, denudative shoulders. (Getty Images)

Coco Chanel
August 19, 1883 - January 10, 1971
One of the most influential fashion designers of all time - all Chanel had its own unique look and still influences many fashion solutions in the world. She was the first to use and put on stretch fabric, which allowed women to become more relaxed in his movements. Her crown pearl beads that Chanel wore several layers to the little black dress, are still a symbol of the luxury brand. The famous tweed jacket worn in a pair of black dress and a beautiful hat - that's it, the famous style of Coco Chanel. (Getty Images)

Jennifer Lopez
July 24, 1969
From shiny pantsuits to evening dresses frank - wardrobe Jennifer Lopez never disappoints critics. The most memorable outfit Latin actress and singer was, of course, green translucent dress by Versace, in which Jennifer appeared at the Oscars in 2000. "If you mix Jacqueline Kennedy with Madonna in the 80s, and add to the resulting Ava Gardner, you get something similar to my style - said Lopez. - You just need to decide what you feel confident, because confidence - that's what makes people sexy. " (Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

Jane Birkin
December 14, 1946
Actress, singer and muse - is better known for its Birkin laid-back style and relationship with French singer Serge Gainsbourg. It continues to be a source of inspiration for designers, stylists, bloggers and fashion editors because of its natural beauty and the cult fringe. From simple jeans and T-shirts to black mini-dress - Birkin always looks perfect. The famous handbag Hermes Birkin was named in her honor, and her daughter - Charlotte and Lou Dillon - are also icons of style, posing for many publishers and inspire designers. (S. E. Orchard / Getty Images)

Ali MacGraw
April 1, 1939
Yes, she has appeared in such stylish films as "Love Story" and "Escape", but Magrou known for its style and off-screen. Before we get to the big screen, she was a model and stylist Harper's Bazaar magazine editor under the leadership of Diana Vreeland, and also worked with the American Vogue. Her famous American way made history with her role as Ivy League in the film "Love Story." Off screen, she dressed as a fashion editor with lots of accessories, as well as love tall boots, short shorts and elegant silk scarf, tied around her dark curls. (Harry Dempster / Getty Images)

September 19, 1949
She literally catapulted into the fashion world as the "face" of the '60s. Twiggy personified a stylish movement of that decade his adnroginnym way, fragility, big eyes and huge eyelashes. You could even say that it is a fashion followed her and her clothes in unisex. The famous short hair and big sad eyes still are its hallmark and symbol of fashion. (Getty Images)

Grace Jones
May 19, 1948
A strong and vibrant singer and model Grace Jones has drawn attention around the world in the '70s for his aggressive and unique way. Her androgynous outfits and style inspired by artists such as Andy Warhol, and it quickly became an avant-garde inspiration in the fashion world. With the growth in nearly 1, 8 meters, and strong cheekbones, she had an exotic, almost futuristic look that fascinates many people to this day. (Larry Ellis / Getty Images)

Diane Keaton
January 5th, 1946
Keaton has immortalized the "masculine" style, which presented the world of Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn. Her most famous "patsansky" image can be seen in the movie "Annie Hall." In the film, Keaton appears in ties, wide-brimmed hats, pants with a high waist and tight vests. It helped launch a variety of popular trends and inspire other women look at this "masculine" style. (Getty Images)

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