And did not have to wake up!

When a young man from the tribe of Hallel goes out on a date night, he sprinkles the roof earth taken at the grave of the ancestors, the parents did not wake up.

10th place: In 1681 the bell was sent to Nicholas Karelian Monastery because he woke Tsar Fedor Alekseevich during an afternoon nap.

9th place: As you know, in the villages before getting up in the cock, but the "stand on cow's roar" means sleep. In Russia, many farmers in Kasyanov on 29 February tried not to go out of the house and sleep till noon.

8th place: Lord Herford shot in Paris in the house rent, but one morning he was awakened by a footman with a report that came to prospective purchasers of the house and the owner wants to show them a home. Lord Herford to avoid further pobudok early, bought the house himself.

7th place: On the night of 29 March 30, 2003, many residents of the Kirov woke up phone calls unknown pranksters. The most amazing thing is that, along with threats to call the police and carotid swearing, callers heard many words of gratitude awakened, people sincerely believed that it should be so. Jokers represent "Service World Time" and reminded of the need to translate arrows hours.

6th place: For generations, the legend passed down in the East that the opening of the tomb of Timur (Tamerlane), his spirit will awaken and turn a great misfortune. It opened in Samarkand in maazolee Gur Emir 22 June 1941.

5th place: One night, when Steven Spielberg was still a small child, he was awakened by his father, Arnold, to show a rare phenomenon - a meteor rain. Half asleep boy fascinated watching outlandish pictures, and asked his father: "Well, like it?", Answered in the affirmative, then added that all this will be his. After that, a small, shy boy has changed dramatically and did not let anyone pass. More than any other suffering of his sister, whom he liked to scare various subtle ways. As a result, one of the sisters in the year was speechless

4th place: American zoologists to measure and weigh the field grizzly bear, shoot him syringe with sleeping pills. And then he blindfolded: at first sight is difficult to determine the dose of sleeping pills, from which the bear safely asleep. Therefore, he is blindfolded, to see if he happened to wake up, time to get away before he understands what's what.

3rd place: the Empress Elizabeth had a special valet, who was on duty at night. For this service, he was later ennobled with the generic name Lebedev. Answer: When the Empress was having a bad dream and she woke up in horror, he had to calm her, putting his hand on his forehead and said: "White Swan."

2nd place: In Swaziland, Africa is considered to be quite a decent sleep during parliamentary sessions. In the belief that falling asleep MP communicates with his ancestors and gain wisdom. And here it is considered improper to wake the sleeping parliamentarian.

1st place: Vereti Stokes. This nurse came as an example in many guides management activities because neatly served and made a doctor appointment, in particular, the patient woke up just in time, so he took sleeping pills prescribed by the doctor.


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