Eight anecdotes

As an honest man, I shall marry you, Masha.
How dishonest, divorce you, Alla.
But I propose something better - to create a Swedish family.

The city bus rushes ... A passenger holding forward the money:
 - Please pass the driver at the wreath.

Good movies in that there is a 1, 5 hours of screen time heroes manage to not only meet, sleep and go, but repeating the same thing with the other heroes. In the life of this can be done only at corporate.

 - What is the difference between a lecture and exam?
 - At the lecture the teacher tells students the incredible things that they had not even heard of. And the exam students and teachers how to change places.

 - I recommend that your husband peace and quiet - the doctor said the young lady - that's a prescription for medication.
 - And when he had to take sleeping pills?
 - Oh no! These tablets - for you.

Linguists - skorogovory invited grupps A-Ha and U-2 in Ufa in the ear.

 - Ofytsyant! I fell into a bowl of flies !!!
 - You want to say, dropped a fly?
 - Wah! That's zrenie ...

 - Give me the bitter liquid and dead arthropods.
 - Chavo-faq?
 - Beer with crabs brought me, tin stupid!


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