Dozen of funny jokes about family relationships that are guaranteed to cheer you up!

Everyone knows how necessary a good atmosphere in the family, but it is especially important to bring into family relationship the proportion of positive which will help to cope with any situation. Therefore, the Website introduces the reader to 12 anecdotes that demonstrate the use of a good sense of humor! Wife fight with her husband. Wife:
Fuck you know where?
— I know! For the flowers!
The wife, smiling:
— Yes, that's right, for the flowers. I want roses...

Night a drunken man went for cigarettes and was gone. Phoned friends, the hospitals, the police, the morgue. No one has seen. Terrified seemed that he the victim lying in the bushes. Then panic as I'm alone with two children? Well, sell the car, second apartment, its system for two and also rent, plus a pension for loss of breadwinner... And everything so well planned out that when it is three hours and came back alive, I'm even a little upset...

— I'm going to scream the whole staircase I love you!
— Why not the whole house?
— Well, you yourself do not overestimate!

Man, drunk wood, comes crawling home from a party. Wife meets him with a broom in her hands. Man falls to his knees and sobbing:
Lena, don't go! This is the last time!

— Honey, when we get married, I'll share with you all the anxieties and worries.
— But, darling, I have no worries.
— I said, "When we get married...".

At the Odessa market woman chooses boots:
Oh, such my friend from work is. And in walks our neighbor.
Husband, after half an hour already completely lost patience, advises:
— Honey, look, what an interesting model — transparent boots. Buy, wear different socks — and you're so alone in all of Odessa!



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