Stormy number of anecdotes

Stormy number of anecdotes dawned today. Your tummy may not burst? Well, nothing, keep more, SWA-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Hovye tapify GSM!
Tapifny plan - subintrusive 10 minutes - for free!
Tapifny plan - hourly.

I have golden children, mother-in-law gold and gold wife. And I myself - third from the left in the fountain "Friendship of the people».

Pea soup "Knorr" - do not let myself die!
Wine "Monk Whisper" - do not let yourself become deaf!
The drug "Viagra" - do not let yourself droop!
Potassium cyanide - do not let yourself be resurrected!
Tampax - do not let yourself to get in!
Home theater video library - do not let yourself run!
Surgical plastic face - do not let yourself get used to!

I switched to summer time.
Tormented for three days, then turned the clock back.

Large firms need a programmer. Computer knowledge is welcome.

 - How could you have written ... - Group performance bestiality with elements of sado-masochism - $ 100?! & Quot;
 - Absolutely.
 - Here's a hundred dollars.
 - Mania! Mania !!! Go milk the goat !!!
 - Oh, she will again butt!

For the American rolled in the cartoon "Dobrynya .." for political correctness had to fix the image of Snake-Gorynycha. Now he has one head is black, the other white, and the third with lipstick ...


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