Tape jokes on Saturday (08.11.2008)

At a recent press conference, Bill Gates made an official statement in which he stated that he was gay.
Tens of millions of users Vindovz anything new not opened.

 - When a man thinks about the future?
 - When buying two boxes of beer ...

According to the forecasts of economists before the end of the year will lose their jobs half a million Ukrainians. Although, it would be better if the work has lost only one well-known Ukrainian.

 - Qom and vie hto hot³li, CCB dwellers US President - Oboma chi McCain?
 - Maintained upstream; dwellers Oboma at nomu exactly evident scho not Moskal.

Modern range of drugs, even in the most ordinary Pharmacy involuntarily suggests - all seriously hurt humanity!


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Dear comrades! 91 years ago the people of Russia under the leadership of the Bolshevik Party and the great Lenin made the first in the history of the socialist revolution. A new era.

We are hard, but righteously lived socialist 70 years, while American android Gorbachev betrayed and sold everything. Besotted country fell into a coma. But today - in the hour of the severe economic crisis - it is clear to everyone that the salvation of the country and the multinational people only in socialism.

On the road to socialism rose flaming Venezuela, it stands firmly wise People's China, blue-eyed fraternal Belorussia, rebellious shapely Cuba, harsh and honest Democratic People's Korea, a mysterious invisible Kim Jin-il, the heroic Vietnam, who beat arrogant America.

Only the rulers of capitalist Russia canceled the weekend of the 7th of November. They picked up the bony clawed hand on a red letter day for the elusive avengers on Chapaya on Pavel Korchagin, at the Iron Felix, on the commissars in dusty helmets.

So today, on behalf of the Russian Communists, I urge you, O scored office worm! Rise up on November 7th! Do not work.

Lie Head, walk a smoke every ten minutes, confuse calculations do not respond to faxes and phones, mildew in the mineral water complex-dinner glass of other capital. Or drink for daring 1917 was the secret, from the gleaming office table. And offered a sip razubahistoy chief secretary. Create her underground cell -ved today you stole holiday.

I urge you, shaggy-haired student! Skip the lecture! Stroll seminar! To lie on the couch, watching movies revoyutsiyu and Che on DVD, and in the evening let's go to the demonstration, avoiding police patrols. No drugs and mindless sex, and the revolutionary slogan and the red flag will let your holiday habit.

Janitor - no methylation. The driver - a puncture of Mercia, to sit in the control room and shoferyugami Koster power under half litrushku, but with kilechkoy, ignoring the scream head of the transport department. Do not work today - whether peasant.

A civil servant - your destiny Kholuy ... Well, smile obsequiously under a portrait of the emperor but as a department head of the fat will come out the door, get from the store dusty bust of Lenin and choknis him of official grandeur cognac safe. Spishesh flow to the Cheka. Promise of the selector, they say, will be made, Ivan Ivanovich, and the wali from work early - go to the fiery ozhivshemu giant "Aurora»!

Hairdresser - do not cut it. Masseuse - Do not massage or massage the only fiery young albatrosses revolution! The pilot - fly only in Havana, Hanoi, Damascus, Minsk, Luanda, Pyongyang.

Shopgirl - limitchitsa! My sister! Do not wear too many ornaments you on this day Petrograd, who stole a holiday, but on the contrary, they Podkin sausage and she took a bite of her healthy piece, and the shopkeeper say - eat insurgent sailors.

Plumber, accomplished the feat! Turn off the tap in high offices, to breach the gilt toilet bowls officials, and veterans - the founders of the Soviet era - served basis even today godly. But know one-mechanic, that you - attacking class, and lunch walk proudly into the filling, tying the old Pioneer tie. And write on the walls with chalk: "Down! ..»

Sushi waitress, a slave 21 century ... Raise yourself up: tell inflated client rings that the consumption of sushi in my head infest clams. It is he - oligarchic vrazhina and well - you stole favorite holiday.

And only we - the revolutionaries - and will now work hard. For there is life in the old dog menacing "Aurora". For Russia is once again pregnant with socialism.

Long live the great October!

Natasha Rostova Lieutenant Rzhevsky:
 - Lieutenant, and you try to treat people the way you would like them to treat you?
 - That all I have to suck dicks?

My cat shit in the sink. I'm certainly not happy with it such behavior, but I think that it is any better than if it had done in other areas of the apartment. Shit out of the shell I used to take out a spoon and hygienic throwing down the toilet. Five minutes ago, I go, then, with a dollop of shit from the outhouse to the bathroom. Chew the cud. Then the doorbell ringing. Opens - postman. I shit with a spoon in his hands and chew. Damn inconvenient somehow happened ...

Place an enema can not be changed.

Boy Thumb killed shock of penlight batteries.

Save time - fall in love at first sight.

Youth - the perfect time when there is no profession, no rights, no money ...
Only sexual orientation.

I remind you of the rules of the tape. It is impossible to cite and komentirovat. In comments only their fun and ANEC.



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