"House of garages" in the Moscow garage cooperatives

Today I want to tell you about how the capital of garages in the garage cooperatives transformed into real residential areas where people move to live. Why is this happening and how they changed their garages - Read more.

Preamble. In early spring 2006, I came to work in Moscow. Like other newcomers are started from a removable housing. By 2008, the price and the condition of the property, as well as the "services" of Realtors me are pretty fed up ... podzae. I began to look for an alternative. I will not bore the reader with a description of all the considered and costed me options and factors, but by the autumn of 2008, the idea emerged in final form - buy the cheapest garage in the closest to the work and a comfortable place to live - to design and build housing (project will depend on the specific conditions of the construction site), - the costs should be minimal (since it is unwise to make major investments in the pilot project) and phase (since unwise to spend the entire budget time), - the planned budget for the project - about 300 thousand. rub. Yes, that's right - about the annual cost of rental housing in Moscow.

With the choice of the construction site's simple. View all the ads garages, chose the cheapest options, examined them (just with an eye to the possibility of adjustment in the housing), produced reconnaissance and survey of Aboriginal (for the presence of other interesting options, the nature of the environment, connectivity to electricity, the prospects of demolition and etc.). As a result, 27 September 2008, has been selected and bought only 45 000 metal garage a 10-minute walk from the subway, in the prestigious district of the capital, 9 km away. from work and just 10 km. from the Kremlin. One of the local inhabitants spun at the gate waiting for "put down».

Construction was carried out at the weekend, on their own (human 1). Excellent workout after a week of office work at the computer! So to the pluses of the project can be attributed to savings on a visit to the gym. In the active phase of construction to date for me was the phrase, "Oh-oh, at last Monday !!!" Parse (and sometimes - just a crush) old garage. The released metal neat We store nearby - it is more useful to us.

Rear view

Clearing the construction site for the new building ...

... And leveling the ground.

We bring KAMAZ sand ...

... And leveling of sand under the pillow design elevation.

Oh, I describe the progress of construction, but forgot to inform the inquisitive reader to the project. So what I'm here ranks? And I build, no less, two-storey modular little cottage with a fully self-contained life support systems. Two-storey - is understandable. Modular - consisting of modules that can be quickly and easily relocate. I did at that time did not know all the risks of the project, therefore, I prefer to have a fallback in the event of, say, the demolition of garages, problems with the environment, etc. There would be a problem - the modules loaded by crane in two trucks and moved to a different site. Fully self-contained life support system - means complete freedom from all central communications and "snaps" to a specific location, using only its own resources and imported, and therefore do not owe anything to anybody. My project was flawless, including legally: a platform to give me as a member of the garage co-op (as documented), I set to it, without a foundation, on the ground, two modules are essentially steel cubes (it is allowed to use the site). On the blocks and their contents I have the documents. These cubes can not be subject to any laws regarding real estate or housing (as they simply are neither one nor the other). Thus, the question of the legality of stay in the garage answer - no laws are violated, no one in the garage is not living, and no one can in any way limit the owner of the iron dice, his right to be inside the cube, or stored in a different objects and liquids . Except as expressly prohibited by law - such as weapons, drugs, explosives, etc. That is the full autonomy life support systems - is also a factor of the legality of the placement of such structures on the site are not equipped nor water, nor sewerage. However, for 5 years, no one did not show me any claims, asked no questions, did not check the legality of my stay. Nevertheless, I was ready for any eventuality. Perhaps the reader has already guessed that with such a serious approach to business, and careful consideration of all the details, the project was doomed to success? Yeah, right. But a little later.

In the meantime, the future successful Muscovite, posing after a hard day of work on throwing sand shovel and align it to the level, on the background of the future lair of luxury and comfort. Photograph asked mimoprohodyaschego pedestrian. His face hidden - why do I need an extra popularity?

On the leveled sand laid sheets of metal from the roof of the garage dismantled. The result - a perfectly horizontal area with a hard (steel!) Coating. You can install the first module. Surprise! Apart from detailed photo I have a detailed financial report and the timing. And how could it be otherwise? Investment project - not fucking dog! The need for accurate assessment of its economic performance. Thus, the reader, soon you will receive an accurate and comprehensive answer to the question "How to build a house in Moscow for 300 rubles?" Harassing "Muscovites spoiled housing question" at least since the time of the author's creative heyday quoted phrase. That chronology and costs at the time of availability area (sorry for the destruction of the format when you transfer data from Excel): 27.09.2008 Purchase garages 45,000 entry fee to GSK, payment for 2008 2000 04.10.2008 flashlight battareyki Axe 156 97 04.10.2008 05.10 .2008 spades 160 11.10.2008 Scrap, shovel dustpan, boots, gloves, lace-plumb the bucket. 900 23.10.2008 galvanized profiles. 3 m. 3 pcs. 420 Spirit level 1, 5 m. 550 Scissors for metal Plummet 300 200 25.10.2008 padlock 78 Sand quarry 8 m3 6000 Total, on 25 October 2008 invested 55 861 rubles.

Brought and install the first module.

And here he is - a standard 20-foot container, 6x2, 5x2, 5 meters, sealed, sealed the door can withstand multi-ton load from above and a points storm.

Beauty. Making the inside cleaning flooring cardboard on the floor ...

... Now I have a place to lay down their tools, building materials, clothing! Where there is change, shelter from the rain or relax. My own room in Moscow! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Let's count, dear moles © 26.10.2008 20-foot container. 38000 Handling, transportation of container shipping container 9600 GCW 100 01.11.2008 canister 10 liters of water. 3 pieces 270 jerry cans of 20 liters 159 61 Mop Terry towel 34 pieces 2 with latex gloves 2 pairs of rubber gloves 32 32 Respirator Y-2K 22 Garbage bags 60 Broom 49 Folding chair 02.11.2008 300 50 Payment shuttle marble debris removal 200 03.11 .2008 galvanized 2 m2 thick. 0, 45 mm. Bolts 400 15 pcs. 100 Hacksaw on wood 200 Total costs for 1 module - 49 669 rubles.

Sew up the gap between the adjacent galvanized and my garage, spread marble (found in a landfill, near the territory of which abound) area in front of the gate. On the site of the future main entrance - is a steel panel from an old garage, supported by rusty barrel.

Putting back wall, using parts of an old garage. By the way, ready access to the back yard - a gate at the gate of the old garage is quite functional. A former gates themselves - now just part of the wall.

Top view of enclosed area. Now my construction site has a size of 7 x 3, 5 m.

Are taking a second module.

Install. On the corbels of the facade - and increase the area over the gate and carport.

Thus, the second unit - block container BK-00 factory assembly, external dimensions: width 2, 45m, length 5, 85m, height of 2, 45, supporting frame - welded metal, frame - wooden roof - flat welded from sheet 0 8mm, siding - corrugated galvanized S10-40-1150, interior - plastic panels, wooden floor, a window with a grille door. Set it on a napkin napilennye of the board, the joint modules zapenivaem.

Cost: 15.11.2008 Module 2 - 80 014 rubles. The total construction budget to 07.12.2008 amounted to 186 thousand rubles. Normally, in the planned budget seems to fit in! By the way, as the board: Never buy pre-engineered container. The quality of their production and especially - insulation - full zvizdets! I had to remove the paneling and virtually re-lay the heat and wind insulation. To the curve position, a 5-cm. foam, adding 5 cm. ISOVER layer 11. As a result, the total thickness of the heater was 100 mm, and all slots have been eliminated. Received the "Arctic" modification of block-container! In general, it was necessary to buy only from the outside of the frame obschivkoy, warm yourself, lay the floor and make the wall and ceiling of plasterboard and wallpapered. For the price, in the end, we would have almost the same, but the quality - much better. Thus, the core of the construction is ready, the fate of the project now depends only on the creation of reliable and autonomous life support systems. The issue with the heating system just suddenly decided - the European bourgeoisie is a long time, and in an industrial scale, producing the perfect solution to the problem of independent heating small buildings - gas convector. Who are interested in the technical details - google yourself, but to be honest - they rocked me!

This convector + propane tank = reliable, stable, comfortable warmth in any barn for mere pennies. Pezorozzhigom, thermostat, protection against extinction of the burner. The air intake and release of combustion products - from the outside, through the coaxial tube, which is also a heat exchanger, heated incoming air exhaust heat (+ 10% efficiency). The combustion chamber is completely isolated from the room, so that even in the worst (almost unbelievable), the gas will not penetrate into the room, and will be released through the pipe out and dissipate. I applaud gourmet engineers and producers, and buying it an engineering marvel for 10 000 rubles. Is not he beautiful?

Set, strictly following instructions and showing their own resourcefulness and ingenuity. By the way, as it turned out, sheathing (even plastic!) Galvanized wall was unnecessary. This unit did not heat the wall on which hang. I put it under a sheet of galvanized, misunderstood word "CONVECTOR" in its name. Note: courtesy Wikipedia tells us that "convectors - the heater in which the heat from the coolant or heating element is transferred to a heated area of ​​convection. Natural convection, where warm air is already heated by contact with the coolant or heating element rises to the top, and his place is taken by a cold air space, enhanced design of the convector. " I get up and once again applaud the bourgeois engineers!

And finally, the long-awaited moment! Turning the knob, clicked pezorozzhigom - in viewing window observe how flashed a blue light above the burner.

That began to heat exchanger (black housing with inspection window). Here he was piping hot. Set in place a beautiful white body - through his hole starts to flow a stream of warm air. About half an hour into the jersey becomes hot and I undress. After another half an hour the room temperature reaches room.

Windproof grille on the end of the coaxial tube convector (Coaxial - means in the center of the air intake pipe is the exhaust pipe).

On the street - minus 10. The heating system is fully prepared and has passed the test. More I will not have to change clothes in the cold free of wet, cold clothing. December 27, 2008. Soon the New Year. On Christmas vacation I leave home to continue its construction after returning to Moscow. All happy! Good luck to us in 2009!

January 2009. linoleum flooring. Install (spreads) furniture

Inflate furniture. Blanketed bed. Judging by the size of the bed, I - an optimist and believe that Muscovites will appreciate the comfort of my home and my own dignity and will be a frequent visitor here (at least) or concubine (ideally). As it says, "Oh conceit man can be judged by the number of them taken on a date condoms. Even if it's a date - the first ».

Heating works, there is a bed. I produce test overnight. Alone. The steel box, in the midst of a strange, desolate area cluttered garages offsuit. Fine. Per night house is well warmed up in the morning - warm, cozy. Breakfast biscuits, drinking water from a bottle. I would like hot tea - urgently needs to acquire a cooker. But it's not a problem. On the agenda is the most critical issue for the project - self-contained water supply and sewerage, efficient shower and sink. If we can not resolve this issue - it is not a residential house, but only heated barn. The issue with the sink just decide - using proven, "village" system. It should be noted that I was born and raised in the village, so do not feel culture shock when a washstand. Washstand advantages are its simplicity and in the ultra-low water consumption. In the end, the first 17 years of my life, I used only a washstand, millions of Russian peasants and gardeners still use them, and no one complains. With the shower issue more complicated. I'm an office worker - daily shower, shave and a clean shirt for me indispensable. I know that a man with a short haircut, enough for bathing 10 liters of warm water. To clean up this quality of water, it is necessary that it trickle flowed from above and can be adjusted quickly and overlap. Emerges compact shower with hot water tank on top and a tap. Accumulation electric heater to the ceiling? Not an option - you can not count on uninterrupted power supply, a low ceiling and high shower tray does not leave space for the water heater, also need to allow easy drainage of water from the system. To be able to completely turn off the heating in the winter, during periods of my long absence. Opt for a simple, extremely reliable and non-volatile version: the water is heated to the desired temperature in 15-liter glass-lined tank on a gas stove (available time 15-20 minutes), and then is pumped into a compact consumable rezervuarchik over the shower, where gravity is consumed as needed. Over - pumped an additional portion of the tank. So, in a week for one person need 60-70 liters of tap water and 10 liters of drinking (breakfast and lunch I'm at work, in the evenings only tea. And on weekends soup) Thus, to provide water, 1 time per week I will have Auchan to buy two five-liter bottles of drinking water (100 rubles) and free tap water to fill 2 or 3 cans dvadtsatilitrovyh desyatilitrovyh. Garbage question - near shopping center load cans in the truck, filled with water from any tap and found Kachu trolley to the car. Overload the cans in the trunk, and then 15 meters from the trunk bear canisters into the house. Partly exercise is very useful office plankton! And, you can fill up with water at work, or with friends, but anywhere. One "but", the car becomes part of the water supply system (and gas - too), its loss for a long time is very critical - will bring up the gas and the water taxi.

I buy walk-in shower and start its assembly. The tray and the walls are assembled.

Other components (shell, water dispenser, gas stove)

Lepim "of what was" consumable rezervuarchik with a tap. Connecting component hoses.

"Heart" of the system - cottage shower toptun. His energy independence and the highest technical and economic characteristics make it the undisputed leader among all the other possible options for the pumps. To pump 10 liters of water - a total of 20 times (without being distracted by washing) to massage the heels elastic red "boobs" (as for a man, you see, not at all difficult, but rather - nice :)

Water dispenser, sink, gas stove ready. Hose hanging over the washbasin is connected to the pump. It is necessary to lower the end into the tank with warm water, standing on the tile. And you can go in the shower.

You may ask: "What about laundry?" The answer is: "As long as Moscow has launderettes, easier to go and wash in rented stiralka than to build autonomous and haul water for her" 200 rubles worth 1 laundry in the machine 8 kg. laundry. I just bought 30 shirts and 30 pairs of socks and 1 arranged wash only once a month.



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