And escho jokes.

Today it is direct a toden anecdotes ... In short, you will be that the grass


Comrade soldiers! What are you doing?
 - To carry out your orders, Comrade Major!
 - I did not tell you anything!
 - I did not do!

A guy comes home ready.
The wife says: - Again drunk, well, where have you been?
Husband: - Honey, I was at the cemetery ...
Wife showing compassion: - Who died?
Husband: - You will not believe everything is dead ...

And today we have a cat
I gave birth to kittens yesterday
I threw them out the window,
Look how cool fly.

Yura Pope - the head of an advertising agency. Once Jura came with their parents to the country and the first time I saw a rainbow. And he asked:
 - Dad, this picture is that the touts?

Talk two men:
 - Well, elda, but you, Bob!
 - How do you know, in the bath with you, we did not seem to go ...
 - Yes, that's yesterday to have sex with your wife - oh and broken as she pizdischa!

The restaurant came a lion and a hare.
 - I carrots and cabbage - orders the hare.
 - And your friend is not hungry? - Asks the waiter.
 - If he was hungry, did we come to be here together?


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