In China, the child survived, spending 80 hours under concrete ruins

New strong earthquake of magnitude 5, 9 points
recorded in the southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan.

The earthquake occurred in Lixian County in the afternoon. As a result of this earthquake damaged roads and telecommunications, rockfall filled up with cars. Information about the victims have not yet received.

Today it became known that in the same province of Sichuan from the rubble removed pupil of a local school, who has spent under the rubble of a collapsed building four days.

After Thursday from the wreckage was rescued 11-year-old girl, the Chinese authorities have said that the probability of finding more survivors after 72 hours is negligible.

An earthquake of magnitude 7, 6-7, 9 points shook the south-western province of China on Monday morning.

However, to date the search for survivors do not stop. On Friday in the rescue work, which directs the Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, has been involved 130 thousand soldiers.

More than 80% of the buildings in the disaster area were destroyed. Educational institutions were the least stable, since they were built of brick and concrete slabs, which simply crumbled under the blows of the elements, according to RIA "Novosti". Safer modern design, in Beijing or Shanghai, built of steel and concrete. Parents blame the government in an attempt to cut costs at the expense of the security institutions, because of what eventually killed many children. Pictures on the background of destroyed schools survived the neighboring buildings have already started to bother and the state media, reports Reuters. According to the agency, of the 216,000 urban structures destroyed by the elements, the number of schools with incomplete count is 6 898.

According to recent data, the number of victims of the disaster in Sichuan, China may be more than 50 thousand people. The dead included a large number of children at the time of the earthquake is in the building of educational institutions. Many of them were the only ones in the family. In China, a law that prohibits a married couple to have more than one child without special permission, says Euronews. Locals help rescuers disassemble the rubble in hopes of finding their children alive.

Chinese authorities are engaged in search of the perpetrators. They intend to conduct a thorough investigation into the causes of collapse of buildings of secondary schools. "If there were issues of quality of construction of these buildings, the perpetrators will answer to all of society" - quoted by RIA "Novosti" representative of the Ministry of Education of China.


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