Russia - again! Russia - the two !! Russia - three !!! Watch Russia - not on bad !!!! (2)

After losing coach says players:
 - I asked you to play like you never played, not as if you have never played.

 - I like when the mother-in-law is correct. When she does not scream at you when you look football, when he can sit down and have a beer with you ...
That test - mother-in-law right

Georgians returning to football, asked:
 - What's the score?
 - Two-nol.
 - Wah-wah, and in whose favor?
 - What are you stupid. There - there nol nol.

Question passerby on the street asks the journalist.
 - What can you say about the game of the Russian team?
 - Swearing omitted?
 - Yes, of course.
 - Then I say nothing.

During a football match, at the stadium, the wife asks her husband:
 - What the viewer so that the neighbors blamed?
 - He threw a bottle at the judge.
 - So I do not hit!
 - For what and abuse.


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