That on his head? (Photo + text)

Briton John Evans - a legendary figure. This six-foot titanium weighs about 156 kg. He became famous thanks to the demonstration of his skill retention is very heavy objects. Even cars served as a test for its capabilities.
Thus, John retains color within 33 seconds, the weight 159, 6 kg. This Guinness record was recorded in London in May 1999.
Another show with a display of its capabilities was held in July 2000. On Loustofskom Motor Show in the UK on the head for an hour strongman visited 92 people total weight of 5180 kg, and each of them spent at least 10 seconds.
On his account even 25 such records in 11 categories. Known for its breathtaking feats Englishman does not stop there. Perhaps, very soon we will hear about it again.


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