Salad with mushrooms and sardine

1 can of sardines
4 eggs
1 onion
1 carrot
400 gr. mushrooms
2 pickles
hard cheese Emmental

Mushrooms fry large slices, onions and carrots and fry together - cubes and grated on a coarse grater, respectively. It is important that the onions and carrots have not been put in a salad with oil, where roasted, otherwise the salad will turn bold. Cucumbers cut into strips to drain excess fluid. Boil eggs, peel off the shell, sardine mash with a fork, remove the bones.

Now, a method of laying layers:
First, put the mushrooms, brush with a thin mayonnaise. Then put half the grated on a coarse grater eggs, mayonnaise on, then put cucumber. Now lay mashed sardines, sardines on top - fried onions and carrots. Draw the mesh of mayonnaise. Now the remaining eggs rub on a coarse grater, brush with mayonnaise and top layer (preferably before serving, otherwise wither) rub on a small grater Emmental cheese. Garnish with greens, cucumber slices.


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