Will live long

It turns out that it happens in real life, not just in Latin American soap operas. Although these things happened again in Brazil. There seems to be not only the climate is slightly different from ours, but life itself flows somewhat differently. Here is the ground for the script ready - no need to invent - take, but write. And shoot.
In general, currently lives such unremarkable washer. Forty-one years already lives. And then somehow meets his buddy and says that, say family of this washer is very mourns for him, because he usop prematurely. Our hero does not believe in this nonsense, reasonably believing that his friend a little drunk. And in the delirium that is not only Hex. He calls his relatives. Those under the laws of the genre, do not believe him and demand to stop the ugliness, believing that someone cruelly mocks their feelings for the deceased. Well, what to do. Deceased had an imaginary present themselves bereaved relatives. I must say that he did it again in the tradition of Brazilian soap operas - showed up at his own funeral. There were no additional dead and emergency calls.
In the end, it turned out that this is a fun Brazilian police "slightly" confused. To investigate the case, known not those relatives. They say - was very similar.
By all signs - will live long muzhichek.


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