Robbed - receive and sign

Absolutely wonderful works of the Austrian Themis. You can imagine that the court decided to return the stolen robber? Clarify - the official court. Not thieves.
It turns out - quite even can.
At one time, before the introduction of the Euro, someone Otto Newman, with the help of accomplices, bombanul bank, in which he worked, 2, 3 million Austrian schillings plus gold bullion at about the same amount. Rebyatok tied, inspirer Otto soldered seven years. Three years later released.
Legal affairs, meanwhile, went on as usual, and turn this soon. And then, when it still came to the logical (although what's logical!) Isolation, it became clear:
1. The bank has already received insurance.
2. Money is why he does not need (That I can not understand at all. Everybody needs money. And banks ...)
3. The investigation of the first two points. Money need to do something with. (Mother dear! In the problem, then!)
The decision was made extremely unusual - pass them Newman. Here's a cycle of Finance in nature occurred. I do not know whether he was surprised by the gift of 63 thousand euros, but after this incident I wanted irresistibly to Austria. I do not know what to feed there the judges, but I am convinced that this is a wonderful country and correct.
The state, which is so impartially and objectively refers to the process act - retribution, a bright future.


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