The man - a mystery!

Morning, I accompanied her to work: fed breakfast, gave a clean shirt, helped to tie a tie. Gently kissed goodbye and wished good luck. Wait until the elevator doors closed, she went to wake the children. She raised her children, sent them to wash and went to the balcony to wave his hand ...

My I stood in front of a hefty lad parked nearby and violently gesticulating with his hands. His face was pale crimson color, bald head glowed like ass macaque. Bugay back was to me, but then he stepped forward and swung and kicked the wheel of our car. Roared the alarm, her husband, taken aback, stood for a moment, then ran around the car and also the bull swung zafigachit it on the wheel. Bugaevskaya car also roared. Thirty seconds angry men looked at each other, then my bent, and with all his strength bull butted. I'm not lying - bald senior engineer, father of two children, PhD, in an expensive suit and a briefcase in his hand butted an unknown man in the stomach in front of witnesses, which drew a roar of machinery. Bugay briefly bent, then straightened up and roaring, howling machines drown out Poper on my husband.

My Mommy! What to do?! Who to call? Krovinochku my beat! In broad daylight! While I was in a panic rushed on the balcony, my children, brush his teeth, leaned out the window and began to root for dad. Yelled at the children and locked them in the kitchen, I went back to the theater of hostilities. The men fought in earnest - my arm has been cut off, at the mature bull Fingal (my proved a more agile!). While I was proud of his strength and agility, bull swung slammed my face and broke his nose. All right! Kick you, lad! I have a cast-iron pan, schA I'll show you how to hurt my husband!

But my already stood up and kicked the bull in the groin - such as the need for a pan disappeared. In any case, I began to shout loudly that "now will call the police!" And "Stop figliganstvo, children here!". The words had an effect - men rose and exchanged some sort of phrases and staggered wandered off somewhere. I am dumbfounded watched them go to the corner of the house, and then I almost fainted - bull is now my husband will finish in the alley while no one sees! What to do?! Lord, you have the police! While there they will reach - everything will be over ... So, we must act! Told the children to sit at home - Junior started crying in fear, senior courageously willing to accept the news of the death of beloved father. What is it ?! In broad daylight killing people - and nothing can be done ?! Oh no! In the attack!

I grabbed a meat mallet and went to look for her husband's murderer. My eyes blanketed bloody shroud, despair and thirst for revenge overwhelmed my soul. The image of her husband, is seeking fellow in a smelly alley knocked out of me with tears wild woman in a dressing gown over his pajamas, in slippers on his bare feet and formidable meat mallet in his hand was the early morning of Moscow streets ...

I saw them next to the arch - my lying down, leaning back, and bleeding. Bull was sitting and finely shaking with laughter ... I slowly brought it in hand with a mallet and moved to the creature that made my children orphans. Three ... two ... one ...

 - Oh, Natasha! What are you doing? - My husband suddenly said, sitting up straight and threw back his head back, so that the blood did not flow from his nose, - Vova, meet people, this is my wife. Natasha is Vovk, he bought the apartment below us. What are you come for? .. I called to work, I said late - we then decided to drink to friendship. You want a beer?

Freak. Now, if not jail - she would be killed. Meat mallet!


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