Relations between men and women:

According to the Vedas, there are eight different levels of relationships in which people can be compatible with each other:

1. Body ("disco" love) - the lowest level.
Relationships that are built on the lower centers (bodily), eventually come to naught. Harmony in such a relationship will be present about 6 months, but after a maximum of 2-3 years, such relationships are exhausted. People who have a similar level to that usually found on each other entertainment events - such as discotheques. Fortunately for them, there is only on a physical level. Marriage in which there is only this compatibility is doomed to break.
2. The level of the groin area.
People that are compatible at this level tend to find happiness together in joint Hobbies, interests: traveling, hiking, guitar songs, sports, etc.

3. The level of the solar plexus.
Compatibility at this level gives people a sense of harmony, peace and comfort. Feminine manifestation of happiness - a joy to be with her beloved man, as a rule, respected in the community and full, and the manifestation of man's happiness - in a state of peace and quiet next to this woman.

4. The level of the heart center - the level of the Moon.
Happiness for the people at this level - in the conversation. They find each other by their good qualities of character. Such people can unite joint work for the benefit of people. Relationships begin with friendship, a woman in such a relationship would be desirable to protect and preserve. This is the best kind of harmony, because moon - a symbol of the fortress relations.

5. The level of the head center.
Happiness for the people that are compatible at this level relationship is subtle perception of the world. They often know the feeling trembling happiness.

6. The level of the mind - the level of Saturn.
For men and women at this level contribute to joint understanding of the world.

7. The level of the mind.
People who try to find their chosen at this level, are constantly engaged in self-improvement. Girl looking for her husband as a mentor, with whom she will be able to jointly engage in spiritual practice. When they find each other, it does not immediately understand the need to be together for life.

8. The highest level - the level of the divine.
People at this level of harmony go from marriage to the spiritual world.

The higher the level at which people begin to build a relationship with each other, the easier it will later develop all levels that are below, and the stronger will be the union. We should strive to develop our relationship and try to build them at higher levels, then they will be the most harmonious. For long relationship compatibility is desirable for at least three levels of the eight listed.


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