If you love to be offended, then you'll have to fight.

Resentment - an event that is assessed as unfair and abusive relationship, a feeling which arises in us, when someone does not behave as we would like.

Resentment is composed of three terms:

1. Pride (I know how you should behave)
2. Anger (I resent that you're not so myself)
3. Irresponsibility (I do not answer for myself, it's your fault)

Nature resentment - is anger. Feminine form of anger. Children form of anger. When we apparently do not shout, do not beat the dishes, and proudly lifts up his chin, swallowing her tears. But inside us all screaming about the injustice, undeserved and inadmissibility of what happened.

Resentment destroys relationships, eroding from within our psyche and we are beginning to hurt and suffer, so we all need to learn to manage their emotions and work with grievances. Recommend meditation pass O. Gadetsky: forgiveness of injuries, immediately after'll need to get rid of resentment and analyze their negative impact on your destiny.

The main rules for dealing with grievances:

1. Grievances sure to pronounce. The best prevention of diseases - learn to talk about their grievances. It is important to choose the form, place, time, circumstances. Some people can pronounce grievances in writing (and these letters are not necessarily send). It is important that the feeling to get outs. Was accepted and lived.

2. Do not operate on the basis of resentment. So you can instill hatred for her husband, a woman's tears, and their children - a bunch of complexes.

3. It is necessary to learn to accept other people and understand that we are different. Everyone has their own path, their own destiny. And in this place can be a good help ordinary prayer. When you install a relationship with God and ask for his support. Ask - and you will be given. Knock and open.


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