I do not want to get married, and I want to learn.

According to Vedic knowledge, the young man must first be trained to become responsible and independent, and only then get married. But why?

The first reason
The fact that the subject celibacy as a result of accumulation of energy conservation and the learning process becomes much more efficient. Energy is the most powerful energy that if you send it in the right direction, then it can help to quickly change his whole life. The Vedas say that celibacy contributes to the development of good character traits, increases endurance, increases the amount of mental and physical energy, improves health, strengthens the memory, increases the commitment and enthusiasm to achieve the goal. Speaking generally, then, observing a vow of celibacy, the young man is able to quickly grow and purify your mind, and it is in the academic success and the most important factor.

The second reason
In humans, life is divided into certain periods. Each of these periods corresponds to a particular way of life:
 - Time to full physical and mental maturity (childhood, adolescence) corresponds to a period of apprenticeship,
 - The maturity of the person corresponds to a period of family life.
 - Old age corresponds to the period of withdrawal from active material and the transition of responsibilities to the spiritual duties.
 - If necessary in the elderly especially advanced spiritual people accept renunciation.
The Vedas say that is more favorable to do everything according to the period in which you live. Therefore, in youth to learn better, and in a mature married.

Reason Three
Celibacy during the period of apprenticeship contributes to in-depth study of the material, also because there is no problem except for the studies is not particularly distracting.

Reason Four
Before marriage, a man is responsible only for himself, after his marriage, he is also responsible for his family. These additional responsibilities for: (providing family care for children and wife, home improvements) greatly interfere concentrate on their studies.

Reason fifth
After his marriage, for understandable reasons (with women) human selfishness starts to increase. This prevents proper hearing and master the material. We have said that in order to hear penetrated the mind of humility is necessary, which is easier to cultivate in themselves, not having close contact with a woman.

Reason sixth
Karma family relationships, and the most severe intractable. Therefore it is better to have this karma began after graduation.

Here are the main reasons for under serious attitude to their learning better not to marry before graduating.

(from books Torsunova OG)


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