Love alone, and get married ...

According to statistics, only 10 of the 100 marriages concluded at large and bright love. Try to understand; why men love one, getting married on the other.

Unfortunately or fortunately, not all marriages are being accomplished in heaven. According to statistics, only 10 of the 100 marriages concluded at large and bright love. Modern youth even joked about it: "Marriage is not a lottery. In a lottery you have a chance ... "Marriage in general to become an endangered species relations. More than half of couples prefer the so-called free relationship - civil marriage.

And yet the man to marry. So what makes them tick, what makes consciously to make such sacrifices ??? Try to understand; why men love one, getting married on the other.

Reason 1. Marry a beautiful, intelligent and rich

Remember the aphorism: "If you want to marry a smart, beautiful and rich - you have to get married three times».
Indeed, the choice of taking up future wife, a man initially determined for a number of criteria that it must meet as a wife, as a mother. Often it turns out that the one to which he nourishes tender feelings, do not know how to bake cakes for my mother's recipe, do not wipe the dust every day and not happy with the children crying, ie It does not meet the image of an ideal wife. Only one way out - to marry Masha Ivanova that she baked cakes and looked after my mother's geraniums, and love can be anyone.

Faced with this kind of situation, I always remember the words of my mother's friend. Once, before the wedding, a friend confessed she does not like her future husband. "Nothing," - my mother said, - "I love Invar Kalninysha and live with your dad ... and nothing ...". Yes, and so, too, sometimes.

Reason 2. In search of the ideal

Very often, men, and women too, especially bred for the romantic tradition or books, looking for his ideal. Although the ideal is proved by science, there is, in principle, it does not stop anyone. Some of it was never found, they remain landless and old maids and hate this "imperfect world", others are, but they are often waiting at least a strong disappointment - if you have found an ideal that does not mean that the "ideal" throws himself on the neck of a man with the words "how long I've waited for you».

Ideal can be married and happy, and if it is free, it is also "in the search", and it is looking quite different and the emphasis is not to notice. Collision with these kinds of discrepancies often compels men to desperate acts. For example, a marriage with an unloved woman. In this case, I like to give advice desperate martyrs: "Choosing a bride stupid! The main thing - to choose the wife's mother! »

3. The reason for the second time on the calculation

I think many readers familiar with the phrase: "First time marry for love, the second calculation, the third of habit." I'm much more interested in the 2 nd time.

In these financially uncertain times, when gasoline prices are rising and America is carefully selected to the East, men badly needed confidence in the future. Speaking of marriages of convenience, I do not mean just the financial side. Take the above. The calculation comes to power, career, social status, fame, and the rest to his wife accompanying privileges.

When talking about all of the above, a rare man can not resist the temptation, even if it is held or future spouse terrible old marazmatichka with false teeth and detachable feet.

Reason 4. Married living longer

A friend of mine liked to say: "It is not true that married men live longer. It seems they only "- until he got married.
And there is nothing unnatural in the fact that the normal average man wants to have a family, he wants to nail nails into the hallway with his son home and eat dumplings on Sundays.

In reality, it is a quiet happiness to many only dream about, because in my youth we chasing ghosts in adulthood carefully eyeing avoid mistakes and in the end no matter what and do not dare, and when everything is already platted "nest" is starting to be customized, plus relatives and friends' help »...

The result - in the lexicon of an unpleasant word "must" of the long-forgotten pioneer childhood, which often flows into the wedding with first got a single woman, and love there is not even smell. Even kids today know that to create a full-fledged unit of society "must" too little. We need much more ...

5. Marriage - a solid marriage? And other reasons

The reasons for marriage without love myriad. This unexpected pregnancy girlfriend, which was about to leave, and the desire to change the rhythm of life (when everything bothered should try something else), and the desire to be loved, not loving yourself and the fear of loneliness, old age, helplessness, and a lot more then. Such marriages are doomed to failure. Not in the sense of a divorce, and in the sense of feeling, understanding, mutual respect and support. It turns out that such a marriage - marriage is solid, except for the result (the children).

The reasons are many - many consequences. It is sad to realize that today's reality dictates its own rules, and men more often agree to play for them in life, giving up the most important thing - love.


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