Find your car in the sign of the zodiac

Are you going to buy a car? Astrologers advised to make a choice based on the effects of your zodiac sign.

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Aries loves speed and risk, they will approach the sports car red, orange or yellow.

Taurus respectable, love luxury and comfort. They are encouraged to purchase luxury cars, made in beautiful fashion design.

Twins are mobile, like the frequent movement and driving speeds. They need manoeuvrable aerodynamic car C or B class, which will be easy to maneuver in the narrow streets and traffic of the city.

Cancer sign of the family, he needs not just a car, minivan or station wagon car with a boot, so that he could carry it all the members of his extended family and his favorite way to make a trip out of town on the nature.

Lions - actors and poseurs, they like to show off to the appearance they immediately drew attention. This will help them beautifully expensive car class A bright colors.

Virgin modest, rational, economical and pragmatic. For them, the determining factor when choosing a car is primarily for the convenience of the car. They are quite satisfied with b / y car.

Libra, a sign of harmony, like concise, elegant, streamlined shape. They need a refined, aesthetically beautiful car in white or green.

Scorpios like to underline their status and power. They need a mandatory expensive car discreet colors (black, brown, burgundy, purple). The cheap cars they just do not sit down.

Sagittarians love to travel. They are very curious, love to frequent travel. They need the most maneuverable vehicle, and ideally a motorcycle.

Aquarius - lovers of innovation and innovative approaches. They will feel comfortable only in the car, having an unusual design and shape. Desirably, in a city such machines no longer there. Just the representatives of this sign - the most common auto aftermarket customers.

Capricorns do not like to stand out. They need a reliable horse that will withstand any, even the most difficult crossings. Therefore, their car must be practical and efficient to use.

Fish unpredictable and dreamy like flying in the clouds. Therefore, it is important to high impact and safety of the car.



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