What flaws can not stand the representatives of different zodiac signs. Cognitive horoscope!

Most people recognize the fact that the ideal man does not exist. But we somehow love most to monitor other people's shortcomings, rather than admit. We have repeatedly noted the inconsistency and folk art, at least in the famous proverb about the mote and the beam. But there are things that certain people do not suffer more than others. Of course, we remember that the people who believe in horoscopes, very little, but from time to time to read them almost everything.

Aries do not like for them to decide something, because they are excellent organizers and are unsurpassed decisions. In addition, Aries can not stand when they are under pressure. Aries is not ringing once again, they remember you and give yourself to know when they want to meet. If you work with Aries, then you should be superorganizovannym, otherwise you have brought him out of himself. And Aries conservatives at heart, so do not radically change their appearance or to offer them to visit the exhibition of avant-garde artists.

How ironic would it may sound, but the Taurus alien calf tenderness. If you do not share the views of the Taurus to life, then at best you just cease to exist for him. Taurus does not like it when someone from their peers often sick because of it has to do all the work, and the Taurus is very lazy. In a conversation with Taurus is best to have the gift of gab, but do not argue with him, then you can capture it with their presence. And never fuss in front of bulls, they do not like when someone constantly flashed before their eyes.

If you choose the best kind of theater for the Twins, it is undoubtedly one-man show. Do not seek to overshadow the representative of the sign, or call up his wrath. Twins consider themselves perfect in everything, so no need to point out their shortcomings. Yet they can not stand when someone tupit, it just removes them from themselves. In addition, from the Gemini is not worth anything to hide, they do not care to find out what they want to know and make you guilty.

Own a home for cancers - it is holy. They tend to require the same respect from others, so if for you to come to visit Cancer is done cleaning twice. Lacked Rakov requests better to do it all himself, otherwise you could run into a nasty response. Representatives of this sign do not like to rush, so the adoption of a decision they have to give a little more time than others. And Cancers love it when people keep their word. If you're not, then do not come to Cancer, or can greatly ogresti.

Most Lions do not like when they lie, especially if those lies too frank. If you have no sense of humor, then with Leo is better not to communicate (though sometimes more important for the Lions to laugh at his jokes, not the joking good). It is not necessary to Leo complain about his life, better go and something to do with it, or at least not Noah. The most important thing - is that the Lions are very generous, so if you are greedy, it is best not to show it to Leo.

Virgin can not tolerate inaccuracy, so if you unpolished shoes or rumpled suit, then a meeting with the Virgin better late and everything, everything, you come in this form. The doors are always open for Dev friends, so they do not perceive those who do things differently. And better not to go to the virgins with too many questions. If they want, then they tell yourself everything. In addition, Virgos do not need to be imposed, particularly in the intimate life. The more you want to get away from the Virgin, the less you get.

Libra themselves peace-loving and kind people, so they can not stand rudeness and cruelty. It is not necessary to put a sign in front of the representatives of this choice, and so they always have doubts, and here also it is necessary to choose, can really go mad. If Given Libra inexpensive gift or povedesh them in a cheap diner, then at best you will lose their respect. And Scales great aesthetes, so do not tolerate ugliness in any form: the interior, the soul, nature, appearance ...

Scorpion is not necessary to call for order, it is alien to any discipline. Scorpions do not like someone or other regret is not able to avenge the insult inflicted. Spinelessness not representatives of this sign. And they believe that for any reason there are only two opinions - and their misuse. People who do not recognize it, Scorpio genuinely despise. Born under this sign are always set goals and reach them at all costs, so just sit back and dream of - it's not for the Scorpions.

For Sagittarius is important to be the soul of the company, so people who intercept the attention of the crowd, they really enraged. Near the Sagittarius is not necessary to show excessive awareness or show off. In both cases, the representatives of this sign should be in the first place, otherwise you will be their main enemy. Sagittarians love to give out advice to others, so do not do it for them. And it is important that all the surrounding Sagittarius people love animals just as they ...

Capricorns do not like it when someone does not do anything. Mark and should always be on the move, busy with some work, otherwise why bother to live? Accordingly, they hate lazy people who do not have specific goals, and those who achieved nothing in life. And it is worth remembering that if you're going to tell Capricorn, which is important, and that - no, you will automatically find yourself second option!

If someone says, Aquarius, what to do, the best Aquarius Just keep away from such a man or say where to go. Most of Aquarians do not like being betrayed, they can forgive a lot, but in most cases, the betrayal will be the last point of your relationship. And do not remind Aquarius his faults, he knows about them and how they may be struggling with, so do not annoy him once again.

Fish love when they get as much as they give. If you are in the plan schlock, the conflict can not be avoided with Pisces. Fish, though the water mark, but with the fire with water, they are not friends, why can not stand, let alone drunken alcoholics. And you should not start a conversation with Pisces, if you do not have enough intelligence to support it. In addition, Pisces love with great interest to prove his innocence, even if they themselves do not believe in it. But if you dare to put their words into question, the representatives of this sign will not sustain such impudence!

Now you are armed with more in communicating with people born under the sign or otherwise. If you liked this story, be sure to tell about it to their friends, even if they too know what to expect from communicating with you.

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