Quick "Cherry Pie"

Pie is very simple, but what are delicious ....

2 eggs
1 st.saxara
0.5 tsp baking soda and 1 tsp baking powder 5
200 g sour cream (I 20%)
100 et seq. oil (I sl.margarin)
1 pack van.saxara (took 3 tsp)
1, 5, Art. flour (240 ml glass)

1 ban.vishevogo compote (cherry, pitted) 350 g net or frozen 300 - 400 g
Pre throw in a colander cherry It is well to drain the fluid, then mix it with a little flour or kraxmalom,
If frozen, do not defrost and pour starch

Form-24 or 20 * 25 (I - 26 cm a cake)

1.Rastopit oil.
2. In a large micke lightly beaten (hand whisk) eggs and sugar
3. Add in a bowl of butter, sour cream, baking powder, vanilla saxar, flour and mix (not for long, only to products "grabbed"). The dough should have the consistency of thick cream.
4. In the form pour the dough, spread cherry and slightly push it into the dough.
5.Pech for m-180gr. 35-40 min. or more (depending on your duxovki. Check - dry toothpick)
If frozen berries, the baking time is increased.
6. When cool down you can sprinkle with powdered saxarnoy.

That's all. Quick and tasty!


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