Went once on the bus and watched you next situation:
Half-empty bus, such as only a few people are, the rest sit ...

Well, So here in this bus conductress some dumb caught: running, bustling, people hurt ... and on the rear platform is dad with his son (the son of the fine still) conductress once ran, brushed Man, the second, the third she had hurt so much that the guy hits his head against the railing, well, this bolt, without hesitation, her lower waist fist kaaak vmazhet! (For my part, approved of Man.) The conductress immediately raises a cry - type:%; & quot; & quot; #% !!! and so on. d. The people on the bus (mostly women) immediately divided into two camps:
 - Pros and cons :) Dad Man with philosophical calm watching the scene, and then the son says:
 - Forget you to them ... You're a man, you have to be above it all ...
Man without hesitation:
 - If I was up in the face would have given!


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