Why does a woman work?

It happened on the day of International Women's Day. I, as a diligent and honest pioneer, rose early in the morning, to make his wife a gift. Dressed quietly, gently, not booming, opened and closed the door behind him. Go to the market to buy flowers to then also quietly infiltrating home, solemnly file wife fresh flowers directly to bed - say, my love, while you sleep, your rapid behemoth already dragged bouquet vykushav not even a bottle of beer in honor of the holiday. Come to the market. Sellers just laid their perishable and up to this day goods. Between them roam couple of sullen peasants - buyers. I went to the sellers once the outlet. Two of them - a woman and some black, Caucasian, not business partners, it is not her employer. Woman says:
 - Good Morning! I congratulate you on holiday!
 - Oh, spaasibaa! Choose flowers, mlchelk!
Start going through bouquets, with black vanities, spinning near:
 - Here, smatryu what haroschy flowers, but, smatryu still lyusche!
I told him:
 - You chezh, Sedna Women's Day, and you have a woman standing behind the counter works.
To which he cheerfully smiling broadly responsible:
 - Ana pirosto Dang Ocean lubit!


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