Curd dessert with fruit.

Cottage cheese - 500 g
Bananas - 2 pieces
Pears - 2 pieces
Peaches - 2 pieces (you can take canned)
Lemons - 1 piece
Vanilla - 1 piece
Dates - 20 g
Walnuts - 20 g
Cocoa - 1 tablespoon

1. Walnuts and finely chop the figs with a knife and cocoa grind a blender until smooth. This mixture can be replaced by crushed cookies by adding cocoa and a few drops of olive oil.
2.Tvorog crumpled bananas and honey, beat with a mixer or blender. Add a little lemon juice or orange and vanilla. Stir.
3. Clean the bulb from the core and peel, peach or mango from the bones and cut the same smooth and thin slices. At the bottom of the molds spread the mixture obtained in the first paragraph.
4. Then spread the cottage cheese on half molds. We spread the slices of fruit vertically, alternating and slightly pushing in the bottom layer of cottage cheese dough.
5. imposes on the rest of the fruit curd mass. Sprinkle with orange peel or lemon.


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