"My dear man..." — the heart-cry of women over 40. Makes you wonder about many things...

All life is divided into periods, and one of them is middle-age ladies. It occurs when a woman crosses the mark of 40 years. By this time, women have time to see much and to experience all the joys and troubles. To some it may seem that it is the fruit of an unhappy marriage and loneliness, but in my lifetime, fortunately or unfortunately, I met many males, not all of which can be proudly called a man.

This is the cry of the soul beautiful, intelligent, wealthy women and famous psychologist Lilies, ahremchikaddressed to all men. About it to you today tell the editors "Website".

What men want sunshinelive trying to convey to men that they are very predictable and monotonous. Every step can be envisaged from the first phrase in conversation. Of course, when you're 20, you're with the hope in the eyes of believe life to be a fairy tale, and each day will bring new experiences. But in older age the only thing that bring men are boring.

"Do they honestly believe that, before the age of 40 years, I no one has ever heard of offers of sex? That is, I don't really understand how you can be sure that this awesome attractive offer that (especially clear) may come not from the most attractive men?" says a talented psychologist. When you're in the age of "for...", you have probably heard and read it in all possible types and combinations. In addition, a woman knows when a man suddenly disappear, and then appear again.

As a psychologist she is well aware that the head of all instincts. Do men really resemble primitive animals. The best of them are of interest, and they do not wish to spend his time: "Call me in the pool or on the cat show. I understand where this is going, but do what I want. Just from the first minute, show me that I matter. And it's not so boring."

"Enough already worn with his "dignity" as the great jewel. If you really want to know what turns me on, I'll tell you. Mind. Hear me: the mind.". When a woman is over 40, it does not interest, if a man has a belly and how big his tool is. It is much more interested in what they will communicate before and after what he has achieved in life, if she can respect him and even admire.

"And if you want to surprise me, surprise me with your human... I can be a source for you. Ohm force, inspiration, tenderness. om your growth and advancement. So be smart enough to see the source for spreading thickets."

When a woman is over 40, she is absolutely not interesting to listen to jokes and harvested vulgar things. She wants love, respect and a little interest. It is already self-sufficient, and the only thing for her in short supply is love. As you can see, Lily, ahremchik trying to convey to men that a woman is not just a cute addition and fun. She is a person.

Of course, the idea is Lily is the place to be. But there is one good saying, which you should always remember: "Expect — appropriate!". Any relationship intelligent and adequate people can develop happily, there are satisfied the interests of both partners. What people think about you? Don't forget to share the opinion of renowned psychologist with your friends in social networks!

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