10 rules governing the relationship of men and women

So arranged that the man himself, his contribution to the events of his life sees. Much regarded as an accident. The mirror he was given a partner: the man – woman, woman – man. If to contemplate a partner, then through him to reflect through feedback from him you can learn about yourself a lot, if not all...

Very often we are not willing to look at yourself through a loved one. Especially one with whom we have sex. But life, whether we like it or not, carries Rules that are not obvious Truths, a kind of Knowledge that, whatever we believe in that Knowledge or not, form a first relationship between people, and then, as a consequence, events.

I suggest to know and remember the Rules by which the relations of men and women.

Well, first, in order to understand what awaits us tomorrow. Second, to cease to resent the actions of a partner, realizing that everything in life is always fair and logical.

And third, I tired to repeat that one Rule, then another, then the third each and every one who deal with them in their negative situations. So I decided to create a Reminder which will send all the suffering.

The current Reminder to those who have relationships with the opposite sex so stretched that they're going to burst. I hope the realization will come to you and you will cease to blame your partner, look at yourself and your personality.

Memo to the man and the Woman, which is under tension in relationships:

1. The man and woman are created to serve one another. Their relationship is interdependent, whether they like it or not.

The maximum, everyone wants during his life to reach their potential, but there is no mask-role-personality that he had to wear to survive in the conditions when parents criticized him and were punished. Service is reflected in the fact that man and woman are building relationships with each other according to the principle of complementation.

What is missing in one partner for the realization and liberation from subpersonalities that prevent to develop their potential, him by their personalities complement the second side. One side needs to recognize and get rid of the Victim, then the other side have to be a Tyrant. Or another example when a woman needs to Express Cabasilas Personality, for a man to complement her, you must become Weak.

2. The men's Ministry of a woman is to make known what is hidden in the woman, that is what her is STILL unknown.

Male their behavior reveals the ways that women themselves suppress:

a) a Man drinks, when the woman admits that she presses. Thus he says to her: I must be Insane, so you could be a Guardian.

b) a Man gets when a woman is stuck in the Victim: should I be Dangerous to you, it was someone to fear.

C) a Man idles, when a woman takes on the burden of responsibility and becomes mommy for him: I must be Inept, that you had someone to teach.

d) the Man changes, when he can not make happy their "first woman" — mother: I should be a Traitor, I want you to stop being a Victim (referring to her mother, but living with his wife).

3. Women's Ministry is to be for men a mirror, reflecting him what he ALREADY achieved. Regardless of whether he reached the summit, or divide.

When a man is Decisive and Confident, with a woman that complements his svoemesto and trust.

When a man is Helpless next to him Almighty.

When he's Needy, next Significant.

When he Suffers, she is the Intercessor.

When he is a Liar, she's Incriminating.

4. The man is always focused on meeting women. They had two wife and mother. Pulling the men's attention to yourself one of those women always will protest another.

5.A woman always expects from men not being able to give her dad. Based on security needs, she is always projecting negative past experiences with previous men in their current relationships. Dad is the first man in her life. Subpersonalities that have developed in girls during the life of the family with mom, dad or without him creating patterns of her behavior with a man, initiating him to create his qualities of personalities.

6. My husband and the father of women of different functions. The father must protect and provide for the daughter, and the husband wants to protect and provide for his wife, when she inspires him.

7. A woman's happiness is not in man, and with him. Happiness of any human being cannot be outside it. It, like any other sense is only inside of you. To expect happiness from the other, means to make him responsible (read: guilty) for the presence of (read lack of) of his own happiness.

8. Ordinary, everyday, routine family happiness comes when at least one side once the conflict is aware of what the subpersonalities are now playing their roles and refuse to emotionally support their role. The role of the codependent personality and therefore the second hand automatically deflate like a balloon.

9. All subpersonalities that ruin relationships, although manifested through conflicts, parent are messages waiting for you will send their real owners. Are they waiting for, when you fully understand who and under what circumstances did not satisfy their needs, not expressed the feelings, did not complete Gestalt. To identify the subpersonalities and send them to the owners easier and faster using placement.

10. The behavior of the partner must be for you feedback, through which you can see your personality, hindering you to achieve your goals. Looking at the behavior of men, as in a mirror, the woman needs for her happiness to realize that it hurt to be surrounded by care and love. Looking at the behavior of women, the man always soberly assess how it is in harmony with the world. published

Author: Mark Ifraimov


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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