Why would I want THIS man

The conversation with the angel — Why I met this person? Why are all these people I met??

— We sent each of them to you, that you helped them. But you passed by. And had to send others.

But, angel, what I could do to help them? I was just a worthless little man with a modest little world inside, nobody's interested and felt nothing.


- So we've sent your people to you, helping them, training to be a wizard and your world slowly expanded to boundless limits of the Creator.

— What would have happened if I still thought of to help?

— You feel better.

— Why me and not him?

— Ease comes only in the moments of creation. Giving. Consuming become heavier. People need to look for any opportunity to give. They are hard on Earth because there all have something to and all weighed down. So people go from one to the other, to help each other with something to leave. And the parting is inevitable, as a form of releasing and giving. So you met someone something to give someone something took — so kept your balance.

— So, my parting with the beloved was inevitable? I remember how much I wanted to give her. And when he gave, she lost interest and left.

— She left with your weight. You took a bite of her cargo. Tied to each other you would just might burden your way.

Where are we going?


— From this life to another.


— To create. The creature has no end. published


©Mark Ifraimov



P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption - together we change the world! ©

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