Psyllium: the incredible benefits of a gluten-free flour from plantain

Psyllium (psyllium) is also called isphagula (ispaghula), ispaghol (ispaghol), but in Russian it flour from bran psyllium bloshnogo (plantago psyllium L.). It's not quite the weed that we as a child was applied to the wounds, and his relative, a valuable medicinal plant, used to make the popular food additives.

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Psyllium grows in the Caucasus and else where, but the centre of its industrial production is located in the Indian state of Gujarat. The psyllium that we eat is the seed husks of the psyllium. It is sold as whole flakes or often in the form of flour.

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Psyllium almost has its own flavor and 80-85% of fiber than it is valuable. Especially because for the most part (71%) is the so-called soluble fiber, which is an excellent food for beneficial microflora.

For comparison, the popular oat and wheat bran contain only 10-15% of fiber, and only 5% are soluble.

Psyllium is especially useful for those who adhere to the LCHF method, in fact, moving to a low-carb food, a nedobirayut soluble fiber, and this can lead to disorders of the bowel.

The psyllium is almost no digestible carbohydrates, and this again distinguishes it from oat bran, in which carbohydrates more than 62 percent. Culinary the main property of the psyllium, making it a key component of low-carb and gluten-free baking is its ability to absorb moisture and turn into gel-like mass. One pure gram flour psyllium absorbs 45 milliliters of water.

Here's how it looks:



Due to this property psyllium perfectly binds the dough and makes the cakes porous structure of the air. In fact, psyllium replaces the gluten (gluten), and this is very important because all popular types of low carb flours — coconut, almond, sesame — do not contain gluten and psyllium pastry is quite dry and crumbly.

In Sweden, the psyllium is very popular, you can buy it almost any supermarket and it is recommended to add in the usual baked goods to improve the structure of the dough and increase fiber content.

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Useful qualities of psyllium proven in different scientific studies:

  • it normalizes digestion, helping both constipation, and diarrhea,
  • lowers cholesterol,
  • normalizes blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes mellitus.

In addition, psyllium may be useful in some gastrointestinal diseases for example , irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, it is also helps to lower blood pressure. Of course, psyllium is not a medicine, by itself it will not cure diabetes or hypertension, but in combination with all other food will help.

In General, flour plantain is safe even for pregnant and nursing mothers, but here are a few tips on how to handle it properly to avoid troubles:

— Adding the psyllium to the dough, let stand for 5-10 minutes to let it absorb moisture and you could ocent dough consistency. If too thick — add liquid.

— If you eat foods with psyllium and drink more water. That never hurts.

— Some people have allergic reactions.

— In any case can not accept psyllium as a dry powder.

The psyllium does not mix well with certain medications. If you have diabetes, or you are taking statins, which reduce cholesterol, regular intake of psyllium may enhance the effect of reducing the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood and this must be taken into account when dosage. Consult with a specialist.


Cottage cheese pancakes with psyllium

Beautiful and very easy to prepare Breakfast for two. Also perfect as a snack, or dinner. Very popular with the children.

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  • 1 pack (350 g) of granulated cottage cheese
  • 3 eggs
  • 2-3 tbsp of psyllium
  • 50 ml whipping cream (36-40%)
  • vanilla essence (a few drops), or a pinch of vanillin
  • coconut oil for frying


Pour eggs in cottage cheese and stir well.

Add vanilla essence and lightly salt.

Add psyllium, cream, stir well and leave for 5-10 min to let the psyllium has absorbed moisture.

Note that different varieties of psyllium absorb moisture differently, and different brands of cheese have different consistency.

  • If you think the dough is too sticky, add more cream.
  • If too liquid, add half spoon of psyllium.

The batter should be quite dense — almost like cheesecakes.

Cook pancakes, preferably in coconut oil, it will give them a light, subtle flavor and ideal for frying. But in the absence of coconut oil, are suitable and creamy. Cook pancakes a few minutes on each side until a beautiful Golden hue.

Serve with sour cream (the fatter the better), or cream, whipped with sweetener, fresh berries, or cinnamon. Or, on the contrary, with guacamole, salted fish, caviar, Parma ham fritters have a pleasant neutral taste that goes well with sweet and salty.published


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