Woman will never be able to give my son something that will make him a real man

To understand how a man's heart, you receive a wound, you must understand the basic truth on the way of turning a boy into a man: masculinity does not come by itself, it is given (or piped).

A boy learns who he is and that can — from a man or group of men. He can't learn about it in some other way. He can't learn about it from the other boys don't know he does in the female environment.

Base in the heart of the boy is mortgaged by his father and the father will give him this superior knowledge and confidence in your own strength.

The father is the first man in a boy's life and forever remains the most important man in his life.

A boy comes into this world thanks to my mom and she is the center of his universe in the first months and years of his life. She breastfeeds, educates, protects, she sings him songs, reading books, caring for them, as they say, "as a hen". It often gives him the names, delicate names like "my little lamb" or "mother's joy", or even "my little friend".


But the boy can't grow up with these names, not to mention the name "son of my sorrow", and there comes a time of change, when he begins to seek love and attention of his father. He wants to play ball with him, wrestle with him, to spend time with him in nature or in his Studio. If the father works outside the home like most men, his return home in the evening becomes for the boy the most important event of the day.

Woman will never be able to give my son something that will make him a real man.

He will continue to resort to mom for comfort (e.g. when you break a knee), but he goes to the father in quest of adventure, to be able to show their strength and, above all, to get the answer to the main question of his life.

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