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To love yourself... lately this Board seems almost universal, being the salvation from all our troubles in life.

Left favorite? It's time to love yourself, and everything will be fine!

Lonely, unable to meet his love? Love yourself, and then you need someone too love!

The boss is taking advantage of your kindness and overwhelmed with work? Love yourself and give him a decent resistance!

In the family nobody appreciates you? Love yourself and stop all to please!

Your life is only gray days? Love yourself, change jobs, go on a trip, do something you enjoy!

And it is good advice, in fact its sensible! Butwhen trying to understand what it's like to love yourself, and what you need to do — it is here that problems begin, says Olga Kuznetsova, especially for .

Puzzled, I went to surf the Internet in search of detailed instructions. Of course, I found them in large numbers. All of them, as the selection, read about the following: give yourself a gift, smile at yourself in the mirror and say (to yourself) nice words, treat yourself one day with something tasty. You know, right?

Ie, continue to deceive yourself, do what you complacent, indulge yourself, pretend you have and you're okay. And the last tip actually leads me into a state of stupor. Because persons who hate themselves for a curvy shape, it will be equivalent to the Council "to afford an extra cigarette" man, has long and unsuccessfully quit Smoking.

In fairness I must say that I've had more valuable tips, for example, those that are based on the need to raise their self-esteem. Although, unfortunately, mostly artificially.

Among them: recommendations for longer and more often to communicate, to exercise, to follow the appearance, to eradicate its shortcomings (i.e., to actively fight with myself), to praise oneself, to be photographed, to buy new things.

Finally, more generalized advice like "try to begin to understand yourself, then stop to criticize and too much demand, and finally learn to respect themselves". All this, of course, important and necessary, but it is a little about that. Or rather, not about that.

Forgive me the authors of these articles, but do you think these tips will really teach you to love yourself? To love someone so completely and to such an extent that your life really will change? No, I think. Because they work like sandpaper to the rotten stump. Top painuli, like shone in the old way. And do not rely on that.

After all, the dislike for myself absolutely other roots. And it's not about whether or not we can afford to spend a whole day dedicating it to care for themselves (another "unique" advice from the other). It's about whether we can accept ourselves with all the guts, with all its so-called Shadow (fortunately, it is also written, but less and less), to accept so fully and sincerely that in any moment of life to be able to stand up for their protection and to act as resolutely and fearlessly as an angry lioness, ready to protect the helpless child from any danger.

Talking about that, we are able to love themselves to such an extent to be able to shake themselves out of this terrible in its destructive guise of a "Victim". To understand that we came into this world not to suffer, not to serve, not to be afraid and not to destroy their blind pseudo-love... What we came here to enjoy life. We have come to love. Came to develop his soul. And not to disturb his overly protective or undue sacrifice to develop the souls of others.

To love yourself means to listen to yourself and yourself to hear. And once heard is not what coincides with your ideal picture of yourself, make it. Because only such an attitude will lead you to awareness. And this will be more of your love. Because it will become unconditional. And will lead to your important change, real, deep, conscious.

Love yourself this means no light, no, not to fight for ourselves and never come to itself on a throat. And in this your firm position will be formed and self-understanding, and self-esteem, and lack of criticism and ridicule on themselves.

It is in this true self-love. And not to "establish its sleep mode and power". It also will come by itself, and will be an unavoidable side effect, for the simple reason that you will not want to harm yourself and your body unhealthy habits. But it must be the result of your inner global change. Your not the only external effect.

Once you understand this and pass it through yourself, your values should be changed.

You will not have any more need to decide how to act in a given situation. You'll know it, feel it.

You will not have any more desire to indulge others. Because you'll remember that everyone has his own tasks.

You will not have any more question "why?". You will definitely ask yourself "What can I do about it?". Thus taking full responsibility for their happiness.

And you don't make much effort to cope with the situations listed in the beginning of the article. Just now you will always act in the interests of his soul. And this is to love yourself truly.


Author: Olga Kuznetsova, especially for


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

Source: Olga Kuznetsova


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