Yogurt with beets: minus 5 kg per week! The real way to lose weight.

Diet on kefir with beets — perhaps the cheapest of all. But the effect of the combination of these simple products is stunning: soft, bowel cleansing, taking toxic substances, rapid weight loss.

Three-day detox helps to lose 4 to 7 pounds. The result will be to proceed from the beginning point of weight and body Constitution.

Yogurt with Svetlichnaya shake on kefir with beets helps when the weight loss stops and the arrow on the scale is no force to move.

Diet involves a rather meagre diet throughout her term. 1 kg of cooked beets, 1.5 liters of low-fat yogurt, 1.5–2 liters of water is the whole set of products that you need to eat per day. Sufficient water is necessary to prevent dehydration of the body, because along with the toxins and excreted a lot of fluid.

To eat a specified amount of products you need for 5-6 receptions. If such food (quite bland and monotonous) does not "go", you can grind the beets to a blender and mix with yogurt. It turns out a wonderful cocktail.

After three days of hard diet diet can extend the boiled meat and fish (up to 400 g per day, divided into 3 doses). In the subsequent days (4) it is helpful to eat a couple of apples and citrus. The result will exceed all expectations!

Such cleansing of the body is a pretty drastic measure, so if you've got serious violations in the work of the liver, stomach or kidneys, it is better to choose more sparing ways to lose weight.

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