Market relations, or the Illusion of love

Modern relationships have become like a market economy. For example, there are contractual relations between a man and a woman, i.e. the partnership − the "we're Dating".

  • There is a form of ownership − "you're mine (mine)".
  • Is the price − looks, fame, intelligence and other paraphernalia.
  • There are restrictions such as limited communication with other people, due to the fact that the parties to a relationship are afraid of infidelity.

"Love" relationships are temporary relationships. Relationships can be one or many in one year. Love − one or two in my life, and someone and no one, however sad it may sound.

Relationship is the illusion of love. You can love without a relationship, such as unanswered, and many are happy with its position. When meeting someone, many find comfort in the fact that they are with someone in a relationship, believing that between them something is, but in most cases it is only affection or benefit any of the parties, often intimate. All of these relationships based on ordinary partnerships in order to meet their needs, and needs, they like the weather — constantly changing.

Also, any need has a limit of saturation, therefore when it reaches this limit the interest to the person is minimal, and this is one reason why a lot of "couples" fall apart within the first months or weeks.

Phrases such as "I'm with him (her) meet...", more like "We are still together, and he (she) is my property." If something goes wrong and someone someone will throw − not a problem, find another (th).

In "love" relationships, or in the vernacular "mudah", a lot of room for cheating, because most of these people has little to do spiritually.

Separate avant-garde have a place in the social network. With the advent of social networking on the street to meet has become almost impossible and sometimes stupid. Guys don't know how to politely meet people and girls to answer that. Either one will be rough or rude second, trying to show his "majestic" character. Either one is polite and the other scared. A notice for others, as at the sight of someone beautiful they make any excessively strange creature with a high ego.

On the pages of social networks has turned "the market relations".

  • "Family status" has become more like a seal, temporarily binding two partners and officially all release.
  • "Actively searching" is more like "sold". Not sold for money, and for the internal and external attributes: the looks, the fame, the money, the way he dresses, listening to, etc.
  • "Dating ...", like "My property ...".
The most take girls who "don't sleep with someone you're not Dating," because "doing so only whores", but they themselves might meet with a dozen guys for a year and take it that they are whores, because they are all properly and officially, no matter what "in January I was with Coley", "in February Misha", and "now, in March, I'm with Peter," because nick was sick, and Mike, like, didn't love me and I'm all right and I need attention and understanding.

Love does not need the status, she doesn't need publicity, it doesn't require a zealous obedience and mournful attention. published


Author:Tat Melqon


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