Beliefs that limit your life

If you know of a person who never used in the speech expressions such as these? Sure you do at least once saying something similar.

The best is the enemy of the good.

For everything in life you have to pay.

All live by the law of the jungle.

Need to prepare for the worst, the very best will.

Who wants a lot, that receive little.

These claims are perfectly justified by our fears, not letting to act. All because of anxiety about forthcoming events.

If we are convinced that the danger lies everywhere, our mind is working at full strength, provides a protective strategy. In the end, the human reaction to the unknown or the danger (which he greatly overestimates) becomes painful apprehension, flight to the imagination and the delay "for later".

The constant repetition of such alarming reactions can be the consequence of the assimilation of pessimistic parent models of the world, excessive care when a child has not learned to cope with the natural difficulties and lessons from their own negative experience.

In any case, the less we are willing to act, the less we achieve and believe in themselves. And as a result, lose self-esteem.

To devote himself to the present and get rid of the painful feelings, you can do the following exercise.

Write down one of your limiting beliefsthat is stopping you moving forward, for example, "best is the enemy of good." And reframe it so that it helped you. For example, "the best leads to an ideal and perfect".

Now take two sheets of paper. On one write in big letters "Now" on the other – "the Future". Put them in front of him on the floor approximately two feet from each other. Stand up so you can see both the plate and be at the same distance from them. Close your eyes, relax your arms, legs, neck, face muscles. Listen to your body. Make it, lifting mentally from the feet to the top. Feel the footsteps of Paul, mark the remaining tension in the body and let them go, concentrate on your breathing, on how filled your lungs and released. Try to achieve maximum relaxation.

Take a step to the piece "the Future". Recall a situation from your past when it's a belief "leads to perfect best and perfect". Let's say you refused to buy a blouse or a car that you like, but some parameters are slightly not satisfied, hoping to find exactly what you need. And you really found something that was better than the previous selection and will fit you perfectly.

Remember the story in detail, try body remember the joy and elation that he felt then. Concentrate on these emotions and sensations (changes in breathing, rapid pulse, fly, etc.). Fix them.

Return to starting position, and with these feelings, step into the side of the sheet "Now". Ask yourself the question: "How can I now with this? How I feel having this experience?". Watch affects your body (feelings and emotions) as where you have had success and worked the new belief "the best leads to an ideal and perfect". Catch again the feeling of flight and happiness. Feel comfortable in a new capacity. Remember that your condition.


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Looking at a sheet of "Future", repeat three times: "what is Happening with me in the future starts now. That happens to me in the future starts now. That happens to me in the future starts now".

Go back to the place from where you can see both sheets. Remember his belief "the best is the enemy of good." What emotions do you feel now about this? What is the first feeling appeared in the body? What look appeared on your face? I'm sure it will look like confusion, maybe even disgust, but maybe you will have something of their own.

But the conviction has clearly been shaken, and you do not expect to catch future elections.published


Author: Lilia Ahremchik




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