Abnormal woman

The dialogue of the house with a little girl:

— Why are you so sad?

— I'm not sad, I'm complicated.


Those who allow themselves to ME make comments of a personal nature, say opposite things. Some say that I zadolbali already to complicate things, others that they say, "wow, how simple you make it". Third periodically uplift to the sky eyes and groan: "you are duuuuuuude, uzhassss!"If you combine all of these brilliant characteristics, it is possible to realize, finally, that I'm a complicated fool. It's awful.

At the same time, all agree that I'm not normal.

And this question has bothered me ALWAYS! I beg you to speak out! In the end, it is necessary to find out. Who are these most "normal people" of the sayings "it's not like NORMAL people"? Who are these mythical beings who have, allegedly, all HUMAN beings! And of course, I'm especially interested in a variety called "a normal woman".

Seventy one million eight hundred forty seven thousand eighty eight

What I wound up... I Have a close friend. We know each other for 16 years, and the result of circumstances in Moscow live in the neighborhood. It helps when you have somewhere to leave the keys, but does not increase the chances of communication. Due to the fact that her husband has a car, and I go with them to the store.

In the car-and happens rare sessions of our wives ' communication. If the husband does not listen to football on the radio. And if you listen, we communicate only while we go with the empty carts up the escalator from the car Park.

This time we managed to shout over the football, as a result, we received a comment in a rude manner, in the sense that the "can't we talk like NORMAL women"? We apparently couldn't, because, apparently, crazy.

On repeated many times (but in a mild form) the question is, what do they say "normal" (his girlfriend) husband hesitated, blushed, the tips of the ears, not found what to answer.

By the way, that conversation in the car, I think the height of normality, because we talked about how to grow the money tree and could my huge dracaena so rapidly wither, just because Gus wrote to the tub? (disgraceful, crazy, was morally destroyed for it).

Yet once occurred following a domestic incident. The children were going to the dance. Asya is wearing a sports jacket. Gus saw her and despotic tone shouted: "Mama! Yes will she ever look like a NORMAL girl? Well, her character is NOT NORMAL! But the shirt with the STAIN!". Supposedly he was "TIRED of answering for her spots." In front of the person did not disclose.

I said that as soon as he explain to me who is a normal girl, I immediately begin to educate her in the ACE. It turned out that it is the kind of girl that agrees with him. And! Well goneeee!

Don't know, are these things genetically, but his dad tried to tell me a simple recipe for peaceful coexistence – "you just do as I say." And, by the way, did not help.

They say that women freak the main character of the new Russian literature. What is abnormal — have become the norm. And what about "normal" women or normal books, no movies no longer do. They are not interesting, no drama!

But in life they even meet? Has anyone seen? Who are you, a normal person? As exist in nature and society? And how do you live with a normal woman? Washed the Windows whether for Easter? You have starched curtains in the kitchen or a creative mess and dusty window sills? Easy-going, fun and games or a life full of achievements and strong-willed actions?

Save or spend? In control of my emotions or let go at will? Lying in Turkey on the beach or with a book at his dacha near Moscow? Sit in the Spa or at the training in personnel management? Bleach daughter's tights in a basin, watching the show and on the side? Or interfere with whiskey and coke with Valerian and looking for adventure? Caring for the skin, don't forget about the décolleté? Right amount closet? Don't let yourself be pushed around or wanted to spit…



- I'm not sad, I'm complicated said house girl. — Women like. Grow up — will understand.


I too was not sad, I'm complicated. But men don't like it. And I give them in insult.

But sometimes thinking back to an abandoned attempts normalise, simplified. Normal clothes, normal chat, it's okay to drink, okay to eat. But then again, one yogurt, one chicken.

Happy to iron, knit mittens, chatting over tea about his about women, to discuss how to get softer the stones from the cherries. And react to everything as normal. Where you have to explode, where you have to remain silent. I just don't know when and where.

But I'm full of drama.


You is the average of the 5 people with whom you spend most of your time!Syndrome aging beauties. Don't do it!

Once I even the other was hurt when fighting, no matter man or woman, throwing: "all of us not as at people", "why can't we as normal people...?"And I think, what is it? As it?

Oh, well, I still does not work, but I need to know how to expertly mow their normal. Well, at least sometimes, from time to time. published 


Author: Polina Sanayeva


Source: gorabbit.ru/article/anormalnaya-zhenshchina


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