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In the Vedic culture women are always very revered. It all began with the birth of girls. In Sanskrit "Deva" means divine. It was considered that the child is born already perfect, and its most important task – to preserve their purity. With girls originally in its nature much closer to God than boys — as woven from the service. And from birth trying to serve, to help selflessly. It is in the service of destiny woman.

In all traditional cultures it was, and somewhere still there.

There are even a few facts about women's nature described in the Vedas:

  • Feelings women are 6 times stronger than men

  • A woman's mind is 9 times stronger than men

  • The woman is out of the service – she always wants to help someone

  • The girl has enormous power – the power of chastity, able to withstand all kinds of evil eyes

  • Woman gives birth to children

Eighty seven million two hundred twenty one thousand seven hundred thirty five


This does not mean that women are better than men. This means that we are given the abilities necessary to perform our role. The man nor to what such a force of emotion — he is on the hunt can prevent a fatal error due to excitement. Also he does not need a deep mind — then he will doubt.

And for women in her original responsibilities of these important qualities. Emotions help her to raise children and decorate yourself and your home. Deep thought helps to find a way to a man's heart. And so on.

Now it is not so favourable for women. As, however, and for men.

The word "woman" in recent years, almost an insult. Mothers most fear their daughters will be just wives and mothers. We everywhere meet with condescending "what to take with you, you're a woman." When applying for a job, many bosses prefer to hire only men. And so on.

It creates in us a storm of protest, and we fight for their rights. Only we do not understand what rights we need.

Does happy woman working 10 hours a day, and the right to vote did not bring happiness. The right not to have children, not to marry, to do housework. All these women wanted to prove something to men. But for some reason it does not make a happy women.

Yes, and men also hardly happy. Because now, in order to be the head of the house, they have to contend not only with the outside world, but also with his own wife. To fight her and prove that he is more important and better. It is difficult, and in this struggle there is never winners. In any case, both lose.

What are the reasons for this state of Affairs? And that actually is able to make women happy?

Woman is born already perfect

Remember little girls – they are absolutely unselfishly fed toys and dolls teach the alphabet. They play moms, teachers, doctors – all of their children being imbued with the idea of service. They are very affectionate and give a lot of love. They have a very rich imagination, they easily converge with people. It is very direct and clean. And they're happy. Up to a certain age, until they begin to educate and prepare for the fact that the world is an ocean of pain in which to survive.

In ancient times everyone knew that the girl was born perfect. It was not trying to convert or pooltest. She learned to accept her nature of femininity. They are very much praised, even spoiled. It was developed their natural talents. Dressed, did a lot of compliments. And so the girls went to save their dignity.

Now everything is different. Women do not understand their original fullness, so all the time, trying something to develop, work on themselves manly. Set goals, plans, tasks, and go to them, training motivation, willpower, determination. Quality, which are in fact male.

And it all starts in childhood. When, instead of praising the daughter and baby, mother forces her to learn mathematics. When her inept support for agriculture is evaluated according to severity. "Swept the floor stains. A Cup of whole fat. A plate smashed and all»

So we from childhood absorb the idea that we are imperfect. It would be better if you were born a boy. It would be better if you had never been born. That trouble you. You need a lot to learn. And most important – you have to transform yourself at any cost.

And so we go out into the world. You need to be smart and read lots of smart books. Better yet to defend my thesis on quantum mechanics. You have to be strong and decisive. To realize in business. You have to be tough and sometimes violent. You need to walk over and manipulate men, because they bring only pain.

And our original essence goes somewhere. Now we have a generation of women who don't like to cook. Not dance, not sing, not like children. But well build a business and make money. Are they happy with it?

I really liked the movie "the family Man" with Nicolas cage. We are talking about woman and about man. And very clearly shows that making the wrong choice once, we can be on top of the mountain alone. And it's not like happiness.

This is my story, for me, the return to femininity is very long and difficult. But it gives me real happiness.

Thirteen million six hundred sixty four thousand seven hundred eighty one

Two folds in a woman's life

Very often we have somewhere to aspire, climb the stairs, but when you get to the top, realize that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall. As well and women's development. If we develop and improve ourselves, then sooner or later we will get the result. But if our ladder is on the wrong wall, this result will bring only pain and disappointment.

The girl that is raised as a boy, there are two main ways. Someone becomes "the man". Develops the masculine qualities of the character, achieve goals and sooner or later comes to the idea of emancipation. Men are worthless creatures, all they do is worse and the need for them no.

And the second inflection when the woman gives up. She doesn't want to live like a man, but as a woman. And then she becomes a victim. The victim of the husband-the alcoholic. Domestic violence victim. A victim of his parents friends. She has no self esteem – so it is crushed in childhood.

Both – inflection. And that, and the other reason. Lack of understanding of his true nature and his nature. Women can't be better or worse than men. We're just different, we each have their functions and tasks.

God made us Women and gave us a precious gift. But for some reason we don't consider it precious and treat it as a hit. Then zadvinie in the far corner and then break. Because our unique features we can implement only when we follow his way.

Imagine that you have a boat and you sit in it. And if you float it down the river, you move very fast. But if you decided to go his own way and came out of it on the land? You have several options – to sit there and continue to row – then you will move slowly. You can go on foot and take the boat back – then it's hard and uncomfortable. And it is possible to throw it away and go wherever you want.

Similarly a woman walking by men, will feel miserable. After all, what it is, very harmonious could be used elsewhere.

And if the boat we can throw away, then his nature is not. You can, of course, to do the surgery and a sex change – but even that will not make us men. Still will need regular hormones.

But there is a third option. Even if we were raised correctly, even if we did not praise and did not spoil, but on the contrary gouge and criticized, we have a choice. And the choice is to realize his nature and begin to follow it.

Four million twenty two thousand eight hundred fifty five

A woman who Woman

Should we remember about your feminine purpose, about nature, how the world is changing. When we have a sense of self-esteem (but not arrogance!), people treat us differently.

And to ourselves we can't relate to vtorsyrja. Then we choose those with whom you communicate. And those who marry. Then we are able to set the boundaries of our families to ensure that they do not sit on top of us. And only then can we give to this world.

What can we give? Most valuable – himself.

A woman with dignity, able to be happy. And this happiness, like a magnet to her people. Into her life come great men, because they like to be near the sun. She had a girlfriend and friends – because she has something to share with people. Near blossom mother and children – they see what adult life is full of happiness and love.

A woman wants to make even happier than she is. Because she already knows how to be happy. And even if men will not work to make her even happier, she in any case will remain are happy! Win lottery, which you can't play.


We all meet by ACCIDENT…

Look for THEIR

Such woman can make happy those who are near her. When you're full, it's easy for you to share happiness – because you have plenty of it.

One has only to take my heavy boat, remove it from his shoulders and plunge into the river, as the river itself will carry you towards Love and Happiness.

And it all starts at the point when you realize that you were born already perfect. And all you need is to remember how it was. Their destinies as Women! published 


Author: Olga Valyaeva




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