Feel one thing, say another, do third...

Recently one of my friends in the film were written that she ended the relationship. Natural event, it happens. But I PM one person asked the question: “Why is she doing this? Recently announced the beginning of a relationship, now we have to explain why they ended. Why all this show?”

It is possible to regard such actions as “show”. And you can see that the man just lives. And play trying to a minimum as it is, and it shows.

You can't show, right? True. You can do always and everywhere to hide their feelings. This we are taught from childhood. We are so successful in this be that with age does not simply cease to Express their feelings, but even all to wean them to experience. One must “keep face”, we all know well. Good manners, however.

I think all of our problems and crises that we are living is not real. Create an image, and then they themselves begin to believe it. Fused with masks so that there is no difference between his true, deep voice.

Don't tell me you live without masks. They have all – person, as part of the psyche, to the outside world. Person needed a good, justified – it helps to adapt to the environment. Protection again psychological: has anyone accidentally on the border has not come, and in the center of the personality is not hit.

But, like everything else, there is a side effect. Ongoing intrapersonal conflict. Discord and risorante: internal motivation alone, external reflections are quite different. This implies a lack of understanding of who I am and what I do. What am I? What am I?

I believe that the nature of all identity crises in it – self keeps reminding me about it. “You live not who I am”.

Feel one thing, say another, do third. No integrity.

The unconscious, which stores all our fears, and comes up with the perfect excuse why we don't show ourselves. “Happiness silently” – says one. “Initiative is punishable” – notice the other.

A thousand reasons and beliefs do NOT EXPRESS themselves.

Strange, but correct is considered to be plastic. To trim, to truncate their feelings and emotions. Make them comfortable, manageable. People who miraculously retained the ability to stay alive, forced to obradyvalsya for it: “I will live, and not to represent life?”


Powerful bond with your loved oneAbout Godovikov who are over 30

The paradox is that they themselves, forbidding himself to be real in each moment, we love the sincerity and openness. And trust her. Even if at the level of unconscious fears, of which there is a growing conviction, we put the labels for help and support still refer to him who feels.

Because you never know what is hidden behind the beautiful facade.published


Author: Lilia Ahremchik


Source: pticavpolete.com/tysjacha-prichin-ne-vyragat-sebja.html


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