What men think when they meet THE very

Want to know how a man understands he has met "his only", which wants to preserve, to protect, to provide? Sure to know about it is the desire of every woman.
So get ready: now You learn more about the 7 men's thoughts, which are carefully hidden.

Thought 1. "The mountains will break, but will fulfill her every wish"
Once wonderful science fiction writer Robert Highline said one clever phrase: "Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is an integral part of Your own".

And it turns out that every truly in love with a man wants, so she was happy.
How does a man in real life? It all depends on its capabilities at this point in time. Yes, today it can lead You to an expensive restaurant or have a walk on a yacht, make a valuable gift. But his feelings, his desire to take care of his beloved woman is expressed in more simple ways. He might just care when sick, to make surprises or indulge in your favorite sweets. To show to You attention and respect.
Regardless of the magnitude and importance of such actions, they will always mean one thing – he thinks You're "the one."

Idea 2. "For her sake I am ready to become stronger"
Man always strives to become the best version of myself, regardless of the state of relations in which it is located. But when "exactly" a woman comes into his life, he develops a completely new motivation. As a man thinks after that?
Now it is sure that you should try harder to achieve their goals. After all, You become a ray of light in his life and he wants to make them proud. He wants to introduce You to improved yourself.
Therefore, if You do not understand what and how men think when once again late coming home from the gym, or delay at work, look at it and all will become clear. If burning eyes and a big kiss from me are the same components of each return, so, all this for the sake of your relationship. Don't get mad at him and say that he is wrong. The gym he needs to be near the woman he loved was always a strong man. And delays on the job will allow him to become more successful and start to earn more, to be able to meet all Your needs.

Idea 3. "Never before have I seen such a beautiful woman"
How men think about their loved ones?
We love a woman to be what it is. And everything in it is bright.Literally impossible to describe the emotions of men, when he sees the woman he waited for all his life.
He likes it different: just out of bed in rumpled pajamas and into a beautiful evening dress. Each time take his breath away. What a man thinks at this point? Absolutely nothing!
Realizing that he is faced with the most beautiful woman in the world, he is no more able to think!

Idea 4. "I'm glad that my past relationships have failed!"
This thought is what the man thinks, when he realizes that You are "the one." No, he's not going to complain about what a bad relationship was he to You. He was happy that they had it. Because with their help he was able to get ready to meet "the one."And now he is an experienced man that knows what woman like to take care of it and how to make her happy.

Idea 5. "My personal desire is not so important"
How a man thinks when he is alone?"Want to get married until the end of his days to live with a single woman? So she give me many children?".Well, that's unlikely! It's hard to want children, if you do not know who will be their mother. It's hard to think about family, if you do not know who will be there for you.
What thinks the man in reality? To the moment of meeting the woman with whom he is ready to link their fate, his life had personal desires and goals. They are simple and clear. And believe me, definitely not among them dream of a beautiful interior or a new sofa. But, having met"the one", he now understands that it is necessary to implement the goals and desires that relate to both of you.

Thought 6. "I hope I didn't ruin everything"
Did You happen to see in his eyes the fear that he did something wrong? Yes, a man can also worry he's not strong enough and quick in making decisions. Agree that nobody is perfect.
What a man thinks in these moments?
That he must daily prove the seriousness of his feelings. So you need to love your man the way he is. You also need to tell him about it.
If he thinks You're "the same", then it will be a daily surprise with something and not sit idly by. And if Your men something does not work, try to support it. So he didn't even think about that one mishap can change Your opinion of him for the worse.

Idea 7. "I don't know how it happened, but I'm so glad"
Luck, fate, rock is the reason he met You, can have different names.
Sometimes it is impossible to explain how you met. Lived in different places (cities or maybe countries) to the time the meeting even did not suspect about existence each other. However, this meeting took place. Don't know about you, but the man in the heart clearly thanked fate for that. Believe me, it's true.

What to do with knowledge about these thoughts? To this question I will not answer. You wanted to find out what and how to think the man who is next? I said. How do You use this knowledge, decide for yourself.
When a man loves, he shows his feelings with actions. And he will never hide You from family, relatives and friends. After all, You are the one that inspires him to men's actions. But remember that taking life into your own hands, You can influence the actions of a loved one. And how wisely and feminine You will do it, depends on personal happiness to be both of you. published Author: Yaroslav Samoylov

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