11 allegations of a man in love

If most of the following statements match with what he says and does is your man — no doubt he really has serious intentions…

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11 allegations of a man in love1. Your happiness is my happiness

To love someone means to feel an emotional connection. When a man really (not show) with you "on the same wavelength", it means he is interested in long-term relationships. As one famous writer Robert Heinlein: "Love is that condition in which happiness of another person is much more important than your own".

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2. I think you're perfect even though you know that it is not

Of course, perfect people do not exist... But when a man is truly in love with a woman, everything about her becomes beautiful for him. Not only appearance but also behavior, gait, smile, quirks and habits. Of course, he knows that she has flaws, but he is simply not interested. He does not think, simply sees only the good.

3. I keep my promises

Like it or not, but "I love you" is just words... If they are not followed by concrete actions, immediately doubt their veracity. The "right" man understands that the promises made to the woman, be sure to perform. It will not prove to you by words – only actions.

4. I respect you

A man cannot love a woman he does not respect. Love means a deep respect for the feelings/thoughts/opinions. Loving man always consults with a woman, when making important decisions concerning both of them.

5. I believe you

Another facet of love – this mutual trust. A man who loves a woman relies on her and waiting for the reciprocity. I like one famous quote that applies to this item: "Love gives the power to destroy you, but do you believe that this will never happen".

6. I always try to do something for you

"Love" is not a noun, is a verb. Why? Because true love requires constant and active involvement, effort and consistency on the part of both partners. If this happens, feelings fade as quickly as it erupted. A wise man (wise woman) understands that once to win a woman is not enough, you need to constantly work to maintain and develop the relationship.

7. I'm here, whatever happens

The best proof of love of a man — his desire to be close. Not physically but emotionally. That is, he is not around only when outside the sun is shining, but to hold on you open umbrella in a rainy day.

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8. I imagine our future together

A man who loves a woman who is aware that "I" and "you" from now on "we".When he starts to plan their future, you are always present in these plans. He is not frightened by the prospect to spend many years together, he gets pleasure from the relationship.

9. I can't imagine what would my life without you

A man who loves a woman, always ispytyvayut from talking and hanging out with her. He is aware that last bad experience no longer experiences, there is only the moment where he is absolutely happy, and nothing else matters.

10. I don't care what you had in the past

Each person understands that his chosen one/the chosen one has a past. In love with a wise man is not interested in the past, it is important for him together with a woman.

11. I put you in your surroundings

The man who set in relation to a woman seriously,don't hesitate to take her into the light, to acquaint with their friends and colleagues. If your partner is not trying to put you in your social circle, it is an occasion to think about the prospects of your relationship.

Summary:Men are capable of love and, moreover, they are less women want love.

Response to question “How to understand that a man in love?” simple: Men are more likely to Express their feelings in concrete action. If this happens in your relationship — great! He loves you. And remember, if a man comfortable with a woman he is interested in a long-term relationship with her. published


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