The man went to the pharmacy for medicine. But, having become puzzled, given this, that all fell out laughing!

Going on vacation, it is important not to forget the meds. Of course, you can always get them at the pharmacy, most importantly, not embarrass myself, as the hero of new stories Site! Seventy two million four hundred seventy seven thousand nine hundred seven

Went to a friend of mine with his wife and relatives in the South for a vacation. Now, his cousin, walking along the beach, cut my toe. To walk hurts, the patch is not holding. Remembered that in such cases, use cf adhesive, a special formula which is sold in the pharmacy, just for the sealing of cuts from dirt. And here as to spite still poisoned by something unknown, having obtained, as it is culturally called "loose stools".

A friend went to the pharmacy for the required medicines. Waited in line and asked a pharmacist:

— You have the remedy of diarrhea is?

She answers:

— No.

— And the glue BF?

Turn by submitting the application, whinnying very loudly.



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