A successful plastic surgeon redid the wife, turning her into a walking advertisement of his clinic

Twenty two million two hundred sixty one thousand seven hundred thirty three

A 47-year-old plastic surgeon Phillip Kraft has his own clinic in Miami. And his beloved wife, 43-year-old Anna, is his chief exemplar and model, which shows excellent results of the procedures in the school husband. Anna claims that happy with my perfect body, especially after the birth of two children. During 21 years of marriage Anna has made breast surgery, liposuction, surgery of the buttocks, a contoured plastic body, correction of the waist and stomach, Botox injections, introduction of fillers in cheeks and lips. Although initially Anna asked her husband to give her a couple of procedures for rejuvenation, she is happy with the way it changed her body: "Phillip loves to remake the sports cars, our furniture and most of all me."

The website offers the reader together to admire the photos of the beauty.

"He even made me press six pack," says Anna. And Philip adds: "I always tell my clients that if they want to know how I'm a good plastic surgeon, let's take a look at my wife"

Photo source: Bigpicture.girilip believes that after his adjustments Anna looks even more beautiful than the day they met when she was 22 years old. The pair met in 1995 and it was love at first sight

They soon married, and Phillip started their business in Miami. Anna at first is not interested in plastic surgery. But after the birth of first child, she was pretty upset by the changes to her body

So Anna looked after the birth of a second son prior to any operations

And Anna looks now

She believes that Botox and fillers to do all the women who crossed the milestone of 25 years to preserve the beauty

Phillip Kraft at work

According to Anna, look natural and not naturally meant to be natural

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