Good girl agreed to give way to the grandmother. When she stood up, laughed, everything!

From childhood people are taught that elders have to concede, that, however, and rightly so. That girl, who became the heroine of a new story on the Website, too, vacated his seat in the bus without thinking about the consequences. 6ab0ddcd8c.jpg

Then talked with a friend about our childhood years, particularly highlights:

— Yes, I was a good kid, always obeyed adults. And one of the best childhood memories, which I always enjoy: fat Granny, screaming the whole trolley to "this little snot raised her ass and gave her a place".

And what fun is that?

Is that ass I raised. With his bulky briefcase, which lay comfortably on the metal frame of the broken seat, rather the holes of the seat. I think I even said, "Sit down, please"... Such laughter in the bus I never heard!



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