The man should not get married

The man should not get married in the recommendations of 1930. In this exile the book, published in Geneva in 1930 by Professor Gerling, are the recommendations for women are based on the latest in those days discoveries.

You should not enter into marriage with a man:

1. Who believes that everything he does, perfectly.

2. Who can't pass a mirror, not admiring it on yourself.

3. Which every week or more changing beloved.

4. Which has an addiction to cards and drink.

5. Which has a habit of Agresti your nails or walk constantly with dirty fingernails. You should also not marry a man unscrupulous.

6. It is not necessary to marry a gravely sick man, as the family home, which must establish the young couple, is not a sanatorium, and is a nest in which to be born a new, healthy generation.

7. You can't marry a man who is known as the man is very stupid.

8. Which moral low value, for example, a liar.

9. Which has no purpose earn a decent living for his wife, and then for their offspring.

10. Which is greedy and does not aim to bestow his wife with gifts, take her to the theatre and on holiday where she wants.

11. Who does not want to know what a wife should be joyful and happy, because her mood and health is the Foundation of prosperity in family life.

12. You can't marry a man who has unbalanced nature.

13. Which can not and 5 minutes to sit quietly on the ground.

14. Who has a voice reminiscent of a dog barking or the sound of breaking glass, because this voice is evidence of grumpiness and intolerance. This man is in any case is not good.

15. To be very careful with a man who is the only son in the family. These men come from the mother suffering from infantilism, when the woman is deprived of the opportunity to give birth to more children.

16. Who is older than you by more than 12 years, or you are older men more than 12 years.


Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy!

We have to sacrifice for love


17. You should not marry a famous, great men, great artists, actors, scientists, musicians, doctors. Indeed, in the most part, these people are nervous, absorbed entirely in his business.

18. Should not be considered for marriage and the don Juans. "The wolf sheds, but does not lose its whims and habits." Such a man cannot create a healthy family.

19. Threat to marriage male visitors to brothels, because they purchased the sick soul and body. Upon marriage, he is confident that healthy, but it has been a terrible disease, which then destroy it and you and your family.published



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