When you with this or with That, don't need anyone else

I dare to suggest.... When people can not stay at another, that leads him in this search its own center, spirit, who knows exactly what that is, “not that.”

This may be at the stage of Dating. When a person meets, meets, touches, and always think that there's better out there.

This may be in the process of relationship. When there seems to be someone around any selected (or loneliness tired, for example), but the search still continues. It can manifest itself in flirting online or in reality, supposedly innocent, to maintain warm relations with the former, establishment of new contacts (“why not?”). A rational explanation of vague feelings and vague doubts.

It can be in marriage. When there seems to be nothing serious on the side “for a change” or “just for sex” or “not enough emotion”, but the fact that this partner is not satisfied. This running away from problems or unconsciously searching for someone like, actually, like. Perhaps an unconscious choice at first, without deep feeling, requires validation then by comparison.

In any case, the search is not stopped – is the uncertainty that the person sitting next to you – the one who from eternity and forever. Intuitive knowledge, which reason drowns out the objective arguments and secondary benefits.

Well, I think so. Feel. When you with this or with That, don't need anyone else.published


Author: Lilia Ahremchik



Source: pticavpolete.com/bolshe-nikto-ne-nugen.html


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