About Strong Women

Psychologist Lilia Ahremchik a strong, independent and self-sufficient woman, and fears men

I know some men are very catchy concept of "a strong woman". They often equate the word "strong" to "independent" and "self-sufficient" and especially annoying. I think that behind this fear of being unloved because of the definitions of the words sort of implies that such a woman does not need a man. This is not so.

Strong women
This is a woman who has an inner core or otherwise strong character. Not an evil and brutal, namely solid. This is a man who has principles, beliefs and willpower of this order, which allows you to deal with almost any life's adversities.

The word "strong" in the same way can be attributed to men, meaning no physical force.

Strong man - is the one who gets up when tripped or fell. Always lift. No matter what happens. In this sense, man is good to have a strong woman beside him. Because she cry if you get sick - it will cure you and will do everything possible, that depends on it.

She will not have to cut for lack of money, if you lose your job - it will work itself. It will raise a family, regardless of whether you went on a mission for six months, or always at hand.

Strong women, working in factories and collective farms 12-14 hours, pulled war. So that the force has no gender. It is a common human category.

Independent women
This is the most painful thing for men phrase. And why? Because most of them tend to hurt the independence of women from men.

Or they perceive it as a word. But an independent woman for men - an added bonus. It is without you feet on the floor. It will not hang around the neck or cling to his feet, "Well, take me with you ... Well, vozmiiii ...", she will be a lot of their cases.

She will not beg for money - it will be your own. It will take a gift only when you want to please her - she will not sell to you for the attitude gifts. You can be sure that if it is with you, because she loves you, not because it needs the apartment, in the media, in residence permits, work or something else.

It scares you the freedom to choose, but that it should provide you with confidence that you have for this woman - the best.

Self-sufficient woman
Again put synonymous to the word "independent". And it's not the same thing. Any psychologically mature person should be self-sufficient. That does not mean do not need in society, which means a full, complete person.

A person who realized if not all of the complexes, many of them. A man who knew his nature, and can play, changing masks, free and easy, or as consciously live without masks.

The man who does not need to be happy next to another person.

Another can make a deeper and richer experience some moments. but definitely can not determine whether you are miserable or prosperous. A self-contained woman as a self-sufficient man, voluntarily enter into a relationship. They strive together to experience love, to reveal even some of his hand, giving and taking.

Self-sufficient woman does not fall into a love relationship, harassing their hysterical man, the build of a Mother Teresa or depicting Christ on the cross. In a self-sufficient women just will not be this needs.

Again, if you chose, then I hope that you order, and together you will only get better: no one is going to save, to heal, to catch and prosecute. Just between self-sufficient people available LOVE.

With love, Lily Ahremchik,
coach, psychologist


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